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Mathematical Models Essays

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Mathematical Modelling Of Microbial Growth

Mathematical modelling of microbial growth in packaged refrigerated beef stored at different temperatures. Introduction Gompertz and logistic models were used to experimental counts of microbes growing in beef stored at 0, 4, 7, 9 and 108Celicus. Samples were packaged in polyethylene (high gaseous permeability) and in (EVA / SARAN / PVA) (low gaseous permeability) films, being (EVA) ethyl vinyl acetate and SARAN polyvinyl and poly vinyl chloride (PVC) copolymer. Lag phase duration (LPD) and specific growth rates (m) were obtained...
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Mathematical Models In Numerical Weather Prediction

Abstract The first attempt to predict weather numerically required a larger workforce. With the development of powerful computers and better modelling techniques, numerical weather prediction has returned to models that are quite similar to the earliest model. The simple-basic equations are used as the forecast equations in Numerical Weather Prediction. The weather data at a particular station for a short range over a particular region is considered. The parameters such as minimum temperature, maximum temperature and relative humidity is calculated...
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Types Of Mathematical Models

Mathematical models are tools we can use to replicate real-world situations, solve problems, analyse behaviour and predict future behaviour in real-world scenarios using mathematical concepts and language. The most common form of mathematical modelling are equations, formula used to solve the area of a sand box problem is an example of a mathematical model; we transform a mathematical problem into a modelling problem. Models help to explain a system and examine the effects of various components and make predictions about...
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Methods For Modelling In Ecology And Conservation Biology

A large number of methods for modelling are in vogue and evaluating the relative performance of different methods remains a continuous challenge in ecology and conservation biology. In general, the various methods used in species distribution modelling can be classified in two categories, one set of methods require species presence and absence data for model construction and other set of methods rely on presence only data for making predictions. Presence-only data differ from presence–absence data in that they indicate locations...
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Mathematical Models In Biology

Mathematical biology is commonly referred to as a division of biology that relies on mathematical models and theoretical analysis. These models areused to explain biological factorsusing mathematical representation, which researchers hope to display in order to showaccurate results based ontheir data.Within mathematical biology numerous peer-reviewed journal articles have been published, I have chosen to research the mathematics behindthe population dynamics of animals.In this articlethe researchers talk about marine mega vertebrates or more specifically about the population of lemon sharks, which...
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