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My Philosophy of Life: ‘I Think; Therefore I am’

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Philosophy, etymologically, came from the word ‘Philos’ which means love and ‘Sophia’ which means wisdom. Hence, it literally means love of wisdom. There are certain individuals that engage in philosophy called philosophers, that is, a lover of wisdom. These individuals, called philosophers, are the people who question the very being and origin of Man. They are trying to know and uncover the truth of their own existence, why everything existed. They are attempting to find wisdom about their own meaning, purpose, and value. Philosophy is a very interesting research because it can make us view life in a different manner and it can broaden our horizon of what we think we know about life, about our purpose, meaning, and value as a human being.

Knowledge can be a curse and a gift at the same time. A man’s love for knowledge can be very dangerous because curiosity can make a man do everything to clench his thirst for knowledge, even to the point of doing evil things just to acquire the wisdom, specially, if there’s the word ‘Forbidden’ on it. Search for wisdom can either enlighten a man or destroy him. There are a lot of unexplained mysteries and phenomenon that happed in our world’s history that even science can’t explain.

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There are a lot of famous philosophers who left their name written on history. Just to name a few of the famous philosophers respectfully, they are Thales, considered as the father of western philosophy and is regarded as one of the seven sages (wise men) of ancient Greece. Pythagoras, he made important contribution to the field of Mathematics, the most famous of which is the Pythagorean Theorem. Heraclitus, he claimed that everything is changing and the only permanent thing in this world is change. Plato, he claimed that man is a soul. He defined the soul as the self-initiating motion or the source of motion. Aristotle, he claimed that man is not solely a soul but a body endowed with life. Rene Descartes, he claimed that everything that we know is made possible because of our senses. Gabriel Marcel, claimed that man’s experience with himself shows that there exist an intimate relation between himself and his body which accepts neither gap nor barrier.

Out of those famous philosophers, Rene Descartes’ philosophy is the philosophy that greatly drawn much of my reflections in reality of my life and my experiences. Rene Descartes claimed that we know something because of our senses. We know something because we’re capable of using our 5 senses. If we can’t feel anything, then, we won’t know anything because if we can’t feel, see, smell, touch, and hear something, then how can we know that ‘that thing’ even existed? There won’t be any proof of its existence if we don’t know it even existed. We humans know we exist because we doubt our existence, we question our origin, where our soul actually came from, and what’s our purpose of existing. “We doubt; therefore we exist” our ability to think is what made us humans. What we really are, are souls. Our bodies are just instruments or mediums we used for us to interact with the world and people physically. There will come a day that we will leave our bodies too. Our body has limits, but not our mind. We can imagine anything, and do anything we want inside our head. Our mind can go free and be curious about everything but our body has limits. We usually want to uncover and know the truth of our existence, what’s beyond the things that we know, what’s on the other side, or what comes after our inevitable death? Is there life ahead? Are we still capable of thinking after we leave our physical body? There are a lot of question left unanswered. We are trying to uncover those unanswered questions and we doubt everything, even our existence. Hence, we know for a fact that we exist because we doubt.

Rene Descartes’ philosophy is an eye opener for me. His philosophy made me think and doubt my existence. I want to view the world as he views it. We know that something existed because of our senses. We know that we exist because we can hear us, smell us, touch us, feel us, and can even taste us. We doubt everything and our doubt will become the starting point of our pursuit for knowledge. “We doubt; therefore we exist”.

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