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Philosophy of Life: Smile, Laugh and Love

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My philosophy in life could be different to others. Cause our philosopy will be depending on our different experience in life. I’ve experience of sometimes lossing someone, and feeling of doesn’t have anything in life and not all could experience on it. There would be many people that have similar philosophy on life but not all of them would be exactly the same. What is my purpose in life? What is our purpose in life? Why we are here?That’s a question that we always ask ourselves.

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There have been always a purpose in our lives and only God knows that. I was born in the simple family, living a simple life that were so happy if we are complete. We eat in the table complete. We have a healthy body. Care each other and so on. My life is sometimes sad and sometimes happy. It’s sad because in this age we grow up of being independent that there is no parents beside us. Happy? It’s because we see our parents healthy in this pandemic, that we still have communication. I stand as a mother in our family as of now. I don’t have any time to go out with friend because rather to those my family and take my responsibility. But sometimes I still go out with friends in a limit, I can still make myself happy in short time, in a simple say, I’m contented of what I have. I’ve wondered how blessed we are in this pandemic for almost 7 months we are still healthy, all of our family. We can still eat 3 times a day. There are some struggles come, but God never leaves us, He always with us. In my everyday life I’ve always asked myself that how we encounter this kind of situation that we grow up without a parent, that if anyone could hurt us no one could save but ourselves. But all of this I know it is just I trial, I know that we could cope up with this situation. So I smiled, everyday prayed every day, and fight every day.

In everyday in our life, it is important to smile and laugh it is the one could relieve every worries we have. Live while you are alive. Love each other and you should give others that same privilege. We shouldn’t judge people for the choices they make, because we all make bad decision, we are not born to be perfect in this world. You should do what you want with your life, as long as it makes you happy and causes no harm to others.

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