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Role of Philosophy of Life in Giving Freedom to Be Individual: Argumentative Essay

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The text says that philosophical inquiry can give you freedom. What does this mean? Explain why you agree or disagree with this claim.

At the start of life, we have no control. From the beginning, we are placed in the time and location that we are destined to be. We do not determine the generation we enter, nor do we choose the cultural atmosphere in which we are immersed. We are raised to accept the ideas and morals bestowed upon us and are expected not to deviate from these passed down beliefs. Throughout our lives, we let these adopted beliefs determine the lives in which we live; they dictate our choices, and they direct our actions. Living in this way, we as individuals conform to living in oppression under the ideals and values fed to us by our predecessors. In turn, we forfeit control over our lives and lose the opportunity for the personal freedom that we are entitled to. In order for us to escape this dilemma, we must use philosophical inquiry.

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Philosophical inquiry pertains to the logical analysis of assumed valid rules regarding concepts including knowledge, existence, and reality. The study and use of philosophy revolve around more than just the study of mere ideas, but rather focuses on dissecting the fundamental truths of life through. Philosophy grants us with the practical benefit of improving our intellect to enhance our lives through the enhancement of our philosophy of life. Through critical thinking and active questioning, one can establish personal fundamental truths. Fundamental truths of life are those that serve as the foundation for all other beliefs comprised in the framework of one’s belief system. For example, someone’s belief or lack thereof in God may influence a multitude of other beliefs such as stances on freewill, evolution, homosexuality, abortion, or morality. Therefore, the framework of an individual’s belief system is what enables one to better understand the vast controversies in life. It is these beliefs that influence one’s thinking and guides one’s actions, illustrating the importance of philosophical inquiry.

Without philosophical inquiry, one blindly accepts preformulated values and opinions. Relying on these passed down beliefs without question can have detrimental effects on one’s life. This is because, the philosophy of life handed down may be a faulty one. A faulty philosophy of life is one made up of fabricated fundamental beliefs. Living by a faulty philosophy of life can lead to closed mindedness or even a squandered, misdirected life, resulting in a life lacking in the meaning it was once promised. In order to test the validity of a belief, one must use critical reasoning and questioning to expose the fundamental truth within the original belief by posing an argument for the stance. Developing an argument is the method that philosophers such as Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle use to have confidence in their beliefs. By following this method, concepts will be clarified, philosophical theories will be constructed, and logical arguments will be evaluated. This process allows one’s mind to open up and freely form personal beliefs based on many different perspectives, greatly contrasting the idea of living dictated by one-sided, secondhand beliefs.

In conclusion, I agree with the claim that philosophical inquiry can give you freedom. It is through philosophy that we take control of our lives and claim the freedom to live the life we want for ourselves. For if you passively accept beliefs, then they’re not really yours. In turn, you essentially allow someone else to subconsciously guide your actions and dictate the direction of your life. I believe that freedom is found in owning your beliefs. Much like a caterpillar escapes its cocoon as a free flying butterfly, one’s mind is set free once it breaks the chains of passed down beliefs that hold captive of one’s true identity. By finding ownership and confidence and claiming beliefs as your own, you can escape from living in the footsteps of those before you and establish the path you destine yourself to walk. Philosophy gives you the freedom to be your own individual. Without it, we resemble marionettes, manipulated and under the control of a philosophical life that is not our own.

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