The Relation of Freedom and Sacrifice

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Many people give up something for the goods of others. Some are willing to sacrifice their lives to fight for justice and a better future for their country. This is shown Julia Alvarez’s novel, In the Time of the Butterflies, where the four sisters run a powerful and eventful journey in the fight for the freedom. Minerva, Patria, Maria Teresa and Dede sacrifice themselves for the goods of their country. They fight for those that they love and for those who are serving political injustice under their ruler, Trujillo. The Mirabal sisters sacrifice themselves, and their family by joining the revolution to fight for freedom for their children and for their country.

Political injustice and inequality within a country leads to Minerva standing up for her children and for others in the country. She had a strong belief in the revolution and sacrifices her freedom to fight. Not only that, but Minerva is also seen sacrificing her kids to continue what she believed in. Minerva is seen asking Patria to take care of her kids while she is off fighting the injustice “‘But Minerva, your own child-’ I began and then I saw it did hurt her own to make her this sacrifice she was convinced she needed to make” (Alvarez 155). Giving up your child takes a lot of courage. By giving up her child, Minerva made an ultimate sacrifice to save her kids and to go on fighting for what is right. Contrastly, Maria Teresa sacrificed her diary by going against the government. She is consistently seen writing in her diary using it to write down her feelings. In the beginning of the novel, Maria Teresa wrote about what she saw that is going on.

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After Minerva is seen leaving from campus frequently Mate finds out about Minerva being involved in a rebellion against the government. There Maria learns about one of Minerva’s friend Hilda. Hilda being part of this movement against Trujillo is later caught by the police. Minerva warns Maria Teresa to bury anything that makes them look guilty. Minerva reads what is written and goes on to say “She says we have to bury you, too” (43). Minerva is seen sacrificing her diary just to take part in and save those in danger. She also makes sacrifices to be without her family and children by joining the revolution. Later on when Maria Teresa is unable to continue writing in her diary once she is taken by the SIM, she is willing to give it up. Both Minerva and Maria Teresa are shown to have a rebellious spirit. Not joining her sister’s in fight for freedom had a lot to do with her husband Jamito and his response to the sisters rebellion.

Jamito is seen threatening Dede and preventing her from joining the revolution with her sisters. He threatened to divorce her if she is found helping or aiding her sisters. Dede makes the sacrifice of choosing between her husband and her sisters. She sacrifices her relationship with Jamito, so she could help her sisters. Dede decided “ I feel like I’m buried alive. I need to get out. I cannot go on with this travesty” (180). Making a big sacrifice to follow her sisters, she risked her relationship that she had with Jamito. Patria is seen risking herself and those around her. After allowing Minerva and her group of rebels to use her yard, she risks the safety of her and her family. Patria sacrifices her involvement by deciding to stay back to watch her sisters kids. She soon realizes that all the chaos caused her to have consequences such as “I lost my home, my husband, my son, my peace of mind” (200). This shows how by staying back and sacrificing herself to take care of her sisters kids while they were in prison as its own ultimate consequences. Dede and Patria both made sacrifices that led them to have ultimate sacrifices. Their rebellious spirits and their fight for freedom leads to the death of three of the Mirabal sisters.

Each of the sisters sacrifice their lives and things that mean the most to them in exchange for freedom in return. They give up their own comfort and time for freedom of all the people in their country. Minerva sacrifices her freedom, and her children to fight on in the revolution. Maria Teresa is seen keeping a diary and is willing to sacrifice that for what she believes in. Patria sacrifices her involvement in the revolution by staying back for her family and Dede sacrificed her relationship with Jamito. Each of the sisters sacrifice for a better future for themselves and for their country led to them becoming a heroic figure in the Dominican Republic.

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