A Social and Technological World with Freedom and Liberty

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“The best road to progress is freedom’s road.” as said by John F Kennedy our 35th president of the United States is very true and this world, liberty, and freedom is the very factor that the United States and many other countries have been insuperable at. Nonetheless, practically many countries still have a lot of people who are yet to be emancipated from the obligatory work and many countries still are not free from subjugation. Yet many people in this world do not know that. Wherefore, liberty, and other significant ideals like freedom are propitious to any society and should not be oppressed by or hindered in the world and have affected us socially and technologically. It is what makes us emancipated and how making everyone the same would simply be a very insipid society, it would detract from the fact that everyone was made unique.

Granted that liberty is an inalienable right of the people, the United States had and still does have social improvements. Though all of this, having social freedom is obligatory in any country and in, Anthem by Ayn Rand without help can see that the character Equality 7-2521 says, “It is a sin to think words no others think and to put them down upon a paper no others are to see.” (Rand, Part One) The quote shows that no one has the right to think differently than anyone else and to write any of their thoughts on anything let alone on a piece of paper. No one should not be able to write their thoughts on a piece of paper because that is one way a person can express themselves and it improves insight and understanding and socially that is how someone gets the knowledge and grows upon it.

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Furthermore, in the story of Harrison Bergeron, Kurt Vonnegut Jr. says, “They were equal every which way. Nobody was smarter than anybody else. Nobody was better looking than anybody else.” (Vonnegut Jr. Paragraph 1) Aforementioned we see another illustration of having no liberty at all, and how they all have to be the same as any other person in the society. As it says no one is greater in anything, everyone was equal in a way there was no one unique in any perspective. Another example would be in Harrison Bergeron where the character’s Hazel and George go through the following, “Hazel had a perfectly average intelligence, which meant she couldn't think about anything except in short bursts. And George, while his intelligence was way above normal, had a little mental handicap radio in his ear. He was required by law to wear it at all times.” (Vonnegut Jr. Paragraph 3) In a society difference should be allowed. Everyone should be allowed to be different and creative in their own ways. In this quote without help can see that they are very different than other people and George is way above average intelligence and so he is forced by law to wear a radio transmitter that sends waves to his eardrum to make him not take advantage of his brain and makes that noise every 20 seconds or so. This is how we should not oppress liberty and freedom socially because people can do great things with their creativity.

Furthermore, The United States has had major technological advancements in history and the U.S. ranks in 3rd place on one of the top technologically advanced countries. In, Anthem by Ayn Rand, Equality 7-2521 says, “We stood, and we held our head in our hands. We could not conceive of that which we had created. We had touched no flint, made no fire. Yet here was light, light that came from nowhere, light from the heart of metal.” (Rand, Part five) The quote shows how if we are free to do our will we can see the creativity in some people. People like Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg have made the world better with Gates having made Microsoft and Zuckerberg having made Facebook. These little things in our world for technology have made a big impact on the world . Another example would be in, Harrison Bergeron, by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. where the story states, “THE YEAR WAS 2081, and everybody was finally equal.” (Vonnegut Jr. Paragraph 1) As in this quote, It is shown clearly that the author says the year was 2081. When people think of the years ahead people think of technological advancements that are unimaginable. People think of the future being full of A.I and robots making our lives much easier or just life made much easier than the present year people live in. A further illustration would be in Anthem when Equality 7-2521 declares, “I have learned that my power of the sky was known to men long ago; they called it Electricity. It was the power that moved their greatest inventions. It lit this house with light which came from those globes of glass on the walls. I have found the engine which produced this light. I shall learn how to repair it and how to make it work again. I shall learn how to use the wires which carry this power.” When Equality says this he mentions a globe of glass on the wall which is actually light near the stairwell to guide you upstairs and when he says an engine which produces the light can be deduced as the fuse box of a house. Equality is going to learn how this works and is going to make it work again. This shows that back in the unmentionable times that there were technological advancements that the council could have made but did not. Another reason to show how we have to be emancipated to make the world a much better place.

Thus, to conclude, liberty and freedom are obligatory and are incontrovertible, and thus has made a huge impact on us socially and technologically. No one can take away these rights because they belong to the people. Liberty, the right for people to be freed from subjugation, is imperative. Freedom, the benefit of being free and able to do anything the person likes, is and always should be necessary. Liberty and freedom together is what makes people who they are and how each person can be unique in many ways in this world, socially and technologically. How can the people in power of any county and of any state change their laws to make everyone in that country or state to be free?


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