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Reflection on a True Philosophy of Life: Opinion Essay

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What philosophy related to, living a truthful life, can you extract from the essay ‘Of Truth’ by Francis Bacon?

Of truth essay was written by Francis Bacon in 1625. In this essay Bacon explains about the different perspectives of the truth and also shows the difference between truth and lie. Bacon uses the didactic tone in his essay of truth. This is essay primarily consist about the importance of the truth that how truth made human life peaceful and calm in its actions and its consequences. In his essay Bacon asks questions regarding truth in his essay that why people did not speak truth and how lie is different from the truth. Now if we talks about the philosophy that is to be taken as relates with our life in contrast with the essay of Bacon. In my point of view philosophy is something that makes you to life your life good and healthy without any bad influences and also without taking the rights of the other people who are living around you. Philosophy also helps us to make our thinking’s very critical and also more experimentally to be taken as in our everyday matters we think about the things that are going around us more critically more efficiently with the questions that we observe in the society and goes for their answers either it is taken as very effectively or it may consumes over time but if we are determined to find our answers on one day we will find our answers definitely but for that answers we need to be patient and also calm in order to get our answers we did not need to be curious like Pilate who were without knowing the truth gives the decision of the crucifying of the Christ. We do not need to be too much dubious in our thinking in our answers to the questions. For living a truthful life one must be needs to live with the truth or stick with the truth. For living a truthful life we must need to be very straightforward in our actions and also to be does not takes helps from the lie. Truth is considered to be essential soul of life without truth life cannot be successful in any case either we take help from the lie it may be get our attraction but in the end it will surely harms us. Bacon mentions TRUTH is very important for us if anything happens we have to be with truth always in any condition. Francis Bacon quotes about the truth in his essay

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“Truth may perhaps come to the price of a pearl, that showeth best by day; but it will not rise to the price of a diamond or carbuncle, that showeth best in varied lights”.

If we take this quote seriously it depicts that how truth affects our philosophy of true life. As we compares our life with the pearl it shows that truth is like a pearl having no spot of stain on it. It reflects that if we were remain stick with the truth as pearl glows in the light and it can be seen with the close eyed or naked like similarly our life will be like of that pearl and gives us happiness in our life and everything we needed with great prosperity and also helps us to know about the realities of life and it get us closer to GOD day by day if we practice truth with our keenness. It surely brings joy in our life although we get pains and suffered from the hardships of truth in order to finding that but ultimately it rewards us. But if that philosophy is corrupted with lie it is not those things that can be seen in realistically because it will go towards the darkness of the life because only immortal things can be show in complete darkness or the things that have no element of truth in it. Truth is necessary for living a true or actual life it soothes our soul and also relaxes our mind and it will help us to please GOD. Truth is considered to be the most essential source of living a prosperous and happy life. Having truthful life brings honor and respect but if we connect with the lie or falsehood it will brings disgrace to us and it destroys our moral character very badly. We do not need to be think in this world but we have to be thinking in the world here after. By doing right things in this world we will be rewarded in the other world but if we did not right things we will have to be suffered and also face its consequences. Therefore according to Bacon we have to be with the truth in any case either it is good for us or bad for us whatever problems we face or hardships we face we did not lose our grip on the truth we have to hold the truth with strong force and strength. Every person who is following the footsteps of the pious caliphs and also keep his belief firm on the truth will not face disgrace in his life but those who do not follow these footsteps goes with the misdeeds will surely have to face its consequences . A true philosophy of life is that we treat our problems with dedication and remain stick with the holiness of GOD and also remains firmly with the truth because these are the things or the essentials that will make our life very happy and also makes our philosophy of life very good and true. But if we are in guilty of our doings we will have to face GOD in doomsday and answers those misdeeds that we were in doings our life and GOD will not forgive us and throws us into hell. For being happy in the world here and the world here after and also to make our philosophy of life true and good if we are holding our grip tight to the truth as Bacon says in his essay that we must have to be with truth . We need to be with truth in all fields of life it is not only related to theology and philosophy it is related with all doings of our life. For living a veracity of life we need to be with truth always and it also helps in achieving our ideal philosophy of life.

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