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Philosophy of Life in Different Parts of the World: Analytical Essay

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The student must examine the relationship between philosophy and science —the two are not dichotomous in their relationship. There is a deep relationship between the two as one leads to the other and again comes back in a circular order. Scientific psychology is not to deny the significance of philosophical avenues of thought and explanations, rather seek the validation of philosophical ideas through explanations vis-a vis human behavior and practices. Psychology as a subject is not a cross between philosophical thought and scientific practices, rather it is an independent subject having deep relationship with scientific experimentation and data gathering along with seeking deeper understanding based on philosophical musings.

Philosophical Perspective of Psychology in Other Parts of the World

Throughout the history, humans have engaged in an endless search for permanent and indisputable philosophy of life and get an answer for a perennial but also fundamental question regarding the meaning of existence. Search goes on despite the huge technical improvements and innovations in controlling life, but they have no solution for the growing anxiety in dealing with one’s existence and search for meaning of life. Some answers have been observed in existentialism which grew out of the conviction that what the future will bring cannot be known in advance. This fundamental characteristic of existentialism may be grasped in Kierkegaard’s philosophical commitment to freedom and value as a reality for every individual. The act of choice does not terminate in that choice, and man alone realizes this intrinsic value/attribute of choice which ultimately culminates into his/her freedom. Existentialism continuously remind the human being of his/her responsibility not only towards self but his/her relation with the world outside. A synergistic relation which is there inside the human being and what is there outsidePlease check, is the fundamental contention of existentialism along with a wholistic thinking and search for real-world value. Action, freedom and decision are the main stay of existentialism, which has a deep implication of the psychologist Kierkegaard, Nietzsche emphasized subjectivism, basically reflecting personal experience, and one’s own convictions are essential for realizing truth.Not clear

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The Eastern Traditional Wisdom emphasizes not only on individualistic approach to understanding the human psyche, but also highlights the fact that psychological problems are caused by people’s way of thinking and life. Eastern approach to life is mainly relational. Happiness, for instance, is based on fulfilling duties ensuing from social roles and responsibilities. Positive thoughts are achieved by way of self-cultivation during which an individual aspires to develop modesty and sensitivity towards the needs of others in the context of a tendency to unite opposites. Eastern cultures perceive happiness and unhappiness in mutual unity. People are internally motivated to reach a state of inner balance, a precursor for inner peace and harmony. Eastern concepts are holistic and interconnected, they are difficult for Westerns to grasp as the Western science is based on Aristotelian logic.

Hindu philosophy of Yoga which literally means addition (connection between two as more), outlined by Patanjali in 2nd century B.C., is based on eight limbs: yamas (ethical rule), niyamas (individual principle), asanas (positions), pranayam (breath control), pratyahara (retraction of senses), dharana (concentration), dhyana (meditation) and samadhi (self-realization or enlightenment). Yoga is not a breath technique or physical exercise as the West may believe; it is a spiritual way of connecting the mind and the body. It provides strength to see and deal with personal conflicts, apprehensions, hopes, fears and self-realization. It provides endless energy to the human being to empower the mind and body both.

Buddhism also is a major contributor to understanding human psychology. It provides the basics for understanding emotions, cognition, behavior, motivation, embedded within the greatest Buddhist ethical and philosophical metaphors and principles. Buddhism’s ultimate goal of life is Nirvana, the total bliss without fear of death or worldly attractions. For understanding psychology from Buddhist point of view is its methodology and that is introspection and phenomenological self-observations.not clear

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