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The first poem of Neruda’s that illustrates loss through masterful use of imagery, symbolism, metaphor, and allusion is “Sonnet 17.” The poem adopts the form of a Petrarchan sonnet, which often follows an “abb abba” rhyme scheme, this type of verse usually presents a problem within the first eight lines, using the remaining six lines to offer a resolution. In the translated version of Sonnet 17, there are no instances of rhyming, the translated version also doesn’t have the same...
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Intentionalism suggests that the meaning of the work must be considered regarding the views of the author. Whilst according to anti-internationalists, you can generate a good understanding of the work solely based on literary techniques and ignore the author`s beliefs. The key to a good interpretation in the literary arts is how well the interpreter constructs their Interpretation by analyzing specific textual evidence, the primary literary techniques, and context using all available evidence to support the opinion. Thus, in literature,...
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The problem of self-identification is a frequent topic for reflection by philosophers and psychologists. Each person can express himself in different ways in different conditions and situations. The speaker of Pablo Neruda’s “We Are Many” is very puzzled by his own uncertain identity and wants to understand who he really is. In various life situations, his opposite personal qualities come into conflict with each other giving him additional discomfort. Finally, the speaker understands that the problem of self-identification may be...
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“I like for you to be still” by Pablo Neruda is a very meaningful and deep poem written from him to someone else. In summary, the poem is about how someone, referred to as I, pleads to someone to stop and hear him out. It is all about love and how the I person seems to be having a one-sided conversation with a possible lover. The first-person character is most likely Pablo himself, as many of his other poems have...
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Two of the casualties of Cultural Studies have been the author and history. In poststructuralist conversations, the author has become a construct, a historical curio of a simpler bygone age. If biography is discourse, then why take an author’s life and ideology seriously? Compounding the problem is the fact that we are lacking adequate biographies of many of the greats of Latin American literary history. A few years ago, while writing an introduction to an English translation of Ricardo Palma’s...
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Deriving his name from a Czech Republican poet named Jan Neruda, the Chilean poet with a Spanish background, Neftali Ricardo Reyes’ life was always kaleidoscopic. His life was subjected to a multitude of colours like the Spanish Civil war, being a ‘Consul General’ in Mexico, communism and exile. From being a prolific poet to donning a prominent political persona, he mustered awards like the International Peace Prize (1950) and even the Nobel Prize in Literature (1971). Born in 1904, time...
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