Personal Narrative Essay about a Trip to the Beach

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For me, the beach has been the place to escape to and have all my worries melt away from me like a snow cone in Phoenix on a summer day. It is my place that lets me feel free and like I can fly with the birds that fill the blue sky. Whenever a problem arises in my life, a trip to the beach has always been the answer. It is like as soon as my bare feet touch the sand, all of my worries and obligations go away. My head becomes clear, just as if the waves of the ocean that flow out to sea also clear my mind of any debris. Every time that I have been to the beach at the Hilton Resort, I see that the visitors are also joyous and calm. So, I decided to go there again.

As I walked down the sidewalk from the entrance of the Hilton to where the beach was, my nose picked up the salty scent of the sea. I looked ahead and saw the glistening waters of the endless sea in the distance. I took a moment to put my thoughts on hold and just look around at what nature had to offer me. I reflected upon all of the other places that I could have been instead of being there on the beach and concluded that this was the right place to be.

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Memories flood into my head as soon as the smell of the salty air filled my nose. Then my eyes were clutched to the breathtaking beauty of the sights of many visitors. Some people were laying down on beach lounge chairs catching the rays of the sun and attempting to get a tan just as the mighty orange sun is starting to slowly go over the ocean, and others were children whimsically building sandcastles with their hands and playing with a beach ball, tossing it back and forth to one another and kicking the ball in the water as their parents are nonchalantly sitting on the beach chairs conversing with others, probably because injury isn't thought of much while on the beach because there is a bed of sand to land on if a child should fall while running. As I can imagine, that's probably close to what the children are thinking to themselves as well, not having a care in the world.

When I begin to sit in my beach chair, my eyes fill with images of what is happening now and reminiscences of my past. Seeing the children running in the sand, playing and laughing. Memories fill my head from when I was a child. The thought of those memories brought a smile to my face. My ears were filled with the sounds of the children playing, along with the singing of birds and the sound of the steady waves created a calmative effect.

I decided to lay down on my chair, but not before first taking the contents of my pockets out, and placing them on a small round beach table that was placed next to the chair. As I lay down on the chair, I looked at the sky seeing streaks of clouds, there were colors of purple, pink, and orange mixed into the clouds. The sight was astonishing, something that some people will only see in a magazine. The sun that is now beginning to set has a luminous face that reflects onto the glistening water of the ocean, which was enclosed by the rock walls that border the beach.

I was very glad to be in the place that gives me strength again. The decision to go to the beach at the Hilton Resort was definitely the right one.

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