Narrative Essay on My First Trip to New York

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My high school was officially over. After studying in Pakistan for five years, I now had to make some important decisions for my future. I wanted to gain more quality education ad for that I wanted to move to a new country. I had two options, first was to move in with my dad in London or go to New York all by myself. Little that I knew what I was pushing myself into, I choose to move to New York. I was scared to experience something new although it was exciting. On paper, everything looked perfect about this new adventure that I was going into. Even my friends were more excited than me. I could not stop thinking about things that could go wrong. I knew that I had to move out at some time to be successful and make a living for myself.

Never in my life, I have been away from my family. Being the only child of my parents, I was very close to them. In Pakistani culture, a family is the most important thing for you. The fear of not getting to see my family for a year was scary. I was certain that I’ll be homesick in a few days. Moreover, I knew that I had to adjust to a few things. First would be the new language, I did know how to write, read and speak in English but to have a conversation in English fluently would be challenging. I also had to live alone which meant doing groceries, cooking food, cleaning, and so much more stuff. During my first few weeks, I felt homesick and depressed. I was missing my parents and my home. I was very sad and couldn’t focus on my studies. I knew this had to change because this was affecting my grades. I didn’t want to disappoint my parents because they had high expectations for me.

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Despite all these various challenges, I got myself together gradually and fitted right in. The first thing that I had to change was being depressed. So, I started to find a job on campus so I could keep myself busy and you also get to interact with new people. After some research, I got my job in my college café. During my time working at the café, I got to talk to different people and realized that my experience and reactions were very normal for somebody who had just moved into a new country. During my meetings with my academic adviser, I used to ask him what I can do to do better. Moreover, I interreacted with other international students who moved here similarly to me and got to know so many things about how to manage my time and just improve as a person. I knew that I was getting a good quality education which gave me some leniency to grow myself as a better person too. Other than that, I was meeting so many new people from so many different backgrounds and cultures. This gave me an entirely new perspective on the world. I learned how to interact with people and have a conversation with them. Which ultimately helped me grow as a person too. This was the reason why I suddenly started to adapt to this new environment quickly.

For a new start, I decided to socialize and fit into this new culture. I started to accept the differences between my culture and other cultures. This made me respect people who were different from me and be more generous towards them. This also improved my socializing skills needed in a foreign environment and helped me get over depression and fit in this environment more easily. I also learned to rely on myself since it helped me to understand my strengths and weaknesses and work on them. Furthermore, I improved my cooking skills by watching different cooking videos which helped me to eat more hygienic food and not have to eat from outside three times a day, this also improved my savings.

As a result, I made numerous friends who have been of great help to me to date. I also started to improve my time management skills, so I could keep a good balance between studies and other activities. This helped me improve my grades and my overall personality. In the end, I was successful in getting over my depression and adjusting to a new environment. I got a valuable lesson that you should always try to change things physically and mentally in order to gain peace of heart and mind.

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