Personal Statement to Wildlife Conservation

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Our planet - and, first and foremost, our country - is full of many weird and wonderful creatures. It is the strangeness and diversity of these animals that draws me to them. I spent countless hours as a child trawling through animal encyclopedias and have been extremely lucky to spend time in Africa, taking part in safaris several times. These experiences, of being so close to awesome animals such as the honey badger and leopard in a truly natural environment, really fascinated me and are probably why I am so interested in the natural world and the creatures that live in it. It is the variety between these creatures, and the way they adapt to survive in their natural environment, that means I am deeply motivated to undertake a degree in biology.

Wildlife conservation is an area of biology I find particularly interesting. I have written a persuasive essay in English about why wolves should be reintroduced to Scotland. This is a topic of great importance to me as I strongly believe that, having degraded Scotland’s once-breathtaking landscape through killing off native species such as the lynx and wild boar and through our destruction of natural woodland, it is our duty to reverse this and restore the country to its former beauty. Reintroducing wolves could reduce deer numbers, thereby helping the regeneration of Scotland’s native trees, which would be a significant step to protecting the country’s wildlife. I am currently reading ‘Scotland: A Rewilding Journey’, in the hope that it can provide some answers as to how to accomplish this.

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For my advanced higher biology project I will be using practical wildlife conservation methods to compare the biodiversity in coniferous plantation and natural deciduous woodland. I am planning on doing this by measuring bird diversity, insect diversity and plant species diversity. I am expecting the results to show a greater biodiversity in deciduous woodland due to the monoculture and rotation nature of coniferous plantations.

I am looking to volunteer for a wildlife charity in the next year. I am also planning on taking a gap year in 2020-2021, and am hoping to take part in a volunteer expedition with marine conservation charity Blue Ventures in Belize or Timor-Leste. This would enable me to develop my sampling and surveying techniques which are useful in all practical research investigations.

Animal behaviour also captivates me. On a school trip to Malawi in 2018, I experienced first hand the amazing hunting technique of the leopard as we watched one stalk a herd of impala for almost an hour before eventually being spotted. Leopards fascinate me, due to the mystical aura their elusive habits create, and because of their incredible adaptability in order to survive, demonstrated by their fishing behaviour in Savute, Botswana.

I am currently taking part in the British Trust for Orthinology’s Garden Birdwatch Scheme, where every week I record all the different bird species I see in the garden. This is enabling me to develop my wildlife observation and species identification skills, and has further increased my love of wildlife through watching birds such as the blue tit and robin behaving in the outdoors.

In school, I have won the outstanding pupil award in biology and history. I have qualified for the North team in the Scottish Inter-Districts cross-country 4 years in a row, with resilience required to compete in this event in driving snow, wind and rain. Furthermore, I competed for Scotland at the World Schools Orienteering Championships in Sicily, 2017, using mapwork skills crucial for biological fieldwork surveys.

In the future I intend to pursue a career working to conserve Scotland’s wildlife by reintroducing native animal species and helping to stop habitat destruction, amongst other things. I feel that a degree in biology would help me achieve this goal and I know I have the work ethic, enthusiasm and enquiring mind required to succeed.

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