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Persuasive Essay on Video Games and Why They Are Good

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Many parents forbid their children to play computer games because they think they are bad for them. But I believe that computer games are beneficial to our learning and health, as well as being entertaining. Computer games can improve both hand and eye coordination and increase problem-solving skills. Furthermore, some games are a great way to relieve stress and anxiety. These traits and skills are great for elevating our personal well-being, as well as making it easier to do day-to-day activities like writing and schoolwork.

The use of video games can be a fantastic tool for increasing fine motor skills. We use our fine motor skills every day, and they are important in allowing us to easily participate in the activities we enjoy. Imagine the difficulties we might encounter when we can’t hold our pens, write, or be creative. Well, multiple reliable studies have shown that computer games are extremely beneficial for improving fine motor skills, where gamers have significantly better precision and speed when compared to people who have never played computer games. Several studies performed by leading neuropsychologists have revealed that the fine motor skills and hand-to-eye coordination provided by computer games are essential to a healthy lifestyle. These studies are not just done in children, but also in the elderly! Even studies looking at doctors have found that those who regularly play computer games have better surgical skills, like precision and dexterity, than trainees who don’t play computer games. Even before you are training to be a surgeon, fine motor skills are essential to your academic performance and confidence, and therefore will have a lifelong impact on your career. This shows it is clear that video games have a positive influence on motor function and are a useful training tool to increase fine motor skills and movement coordination.

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Playing computer games will also increase our problem-solving skills. Without a doubt, problem-solving is a critical life skill to have. For everything, from math to sports. Being an excellent problem solver is not just a skill though, it’s a whole attitude. It brings out the best in us and positively shapes our environment. Not only psychologists, but professors in teaching highlight the importance of problem-solving and how it can be improved by playing computer games. Good computer games exercise our learning muscles without us even knowing it. Studies show that video games not only improve our facts and recall but also promote problem-solving skills by getting us to develop multiple solutions for problems. Imagine how different our world would be if leaders like Elon Musk lacked these skills. For this reason, I believe that parents should support the development of our problem-solving through computer games.

Video games have been shown to improve mood and decrease stress, something every teenager needs! Many people believe that the teenage years can be one of the most stressful times of a child’s life and more susceptible to emotional changes. We need the means to destress so that we can be the respectable human beings that parents are always nagging us to be. Numerous studies have shown that people who engage in regular computer games experience faster recovery from stress and can deal with stress better the next day. Other studies demonstrate that our parents should be using computer games to destress during their work breaks. Destressing via computer games would allow us to engage in schoolwork and homework in a more organized and efficient manner. Consequently, it is clear that computer games make an extremely beneficial impact on our stress and anxiety levels, and we should incorporate this into our daily self-care routine.

Overall, it is evident that computer games are acutely important and beneficial to our learning and social maturity. This can be seen through the development of our physical, cognitive, and social skills. Through the honing of fine motor skills and coordination, to high order problem solving and reduction in stress, computer games play an important role in our day-to-day lives. So, go home this afternoon and enjoy the fun of playing computer games knowing that it is helping improve your learning and lifestyle. Our parents need to understand that time spent on computer games is NOT a parenting failure, but an awakening of our intellectual and social curiosity.

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