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Pharmacy Critics Application: Pros And Cons

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The project based on “PHARMACY CRITICS” is being developed for the purpose of storing the information of the medicine where it maintains all the data related to pharmacy. It maintains all the Supplier and Customer information who supplies medicine to the pharmacy and those who purchase medicine from the pharmacy.

We developed this system Pharmacy Critics to make the work easier for the pharmacy people by storing the data digitally. The user can maintain all the purchased and sold of medicine details. It also maintains the Reports for the particulars.

This will avoid user to maintain the data manually where it cannot store huge data and it leads to loss of data. This can be easily used by the software people and is more user friendly software.


Pharmacy management has kept paper record in filing cabinets. Managing a very large pharmacy with records on papers will be tedious and difficult to keep track of inventories with regards to the drugs in the store, expiry date, quantity of drugs available based on the categories and their functions. The pharmacist has to order drugs to replenish the already diminishing stock. In addition, ordering of drugs is being carried out manually. Significant amount of time is allocated for writing the order as the pharmacist needs to go through the stock balance and make rough estimate of the amount to order based on Figures. Drugs are not supposed to be used after they have expired. This project work will prompt the pharmacist about drugs that are close to expiry, preventing those drugs from being sold and also providing solution to the earlier stated problems.


The data is being stored manually across many files where it leads to loss of data and the updating of data cannot be performed easily. Often the data is mismanaged and data inconsistency may occur. The data is also not secured and is difficult to maintain. It also leads to some human errors. Consumes lot of space in maintaining records.


As long as there have been societies, there have been specialists and physician whose sole purpose was to prepare and administer medicinal treatments. The earliest healers engaged in what is now called Pharmacognosy, which is the study and application of plants and herbs for healing. Evidence that early man used pharmacognosy to treatillness is indisputable, with archaeological discoveries attesting to the fact pre-dating even the development of farming or animal husbandry.

The beginnings of pharmacy are ancient. When the first person expressed juice from a succulent leaf to apply to a wound, this art was being practiced. In the Greek legend, Asclepius, the god of the healing art, delegated to Hygeia the duty of compounding his remedies. She was his apothecary or pharmacist. The physician-priests of Egypt were divided into two classes: those who visited the sick and those who remained in the temple and prepared remedies for the patients (Homan, 2008).

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The pharmacy profession can be traced back at least as far as the Sumerian population, living in modern day Iraq from around 4000 BC, they used medicinal plants such as liquor ice, mustard, myrrh, and opium. There were separate people who worked to prepare medicines, as a separate role from diagnosis and treatment which was carried out by medics. These precursors to pharmacists also combined their role with that of a priest. The Sumerians wrote the earliest surviving prescriptions from at least 2700 B.C. so nearly 5000 years ago (Griggs, 1999).

The Ancient Egyptians had specific preparers of medicine, known as Pastophor. Pharmacy was viewed as a high status branch of medicine, and again, like the Sumerians, these pharmacists were also priests who worked and practiced in the temples (Anderson, 2005).

The National Health Service made prescription medicine available to all. Until the introduction, in the 1950s, and subsequent hefty increasing of prescription charges, proprietary medicines were no longer seen as a cheap alternative to seeing the doctor.

Ibuprofen was first synthesized by a team at the Boots Pure Drug Company in December.

Introduction of Adverse Drug Reaction 'yellow card' scheme in response to the thalidomide tragedy of 1961

The modern drugstore varies significantly from its ancient counterparts. While the proprietors of pharmacies in the far distant past were often making numerous medical decisions - diagnosing and treating patients without the consultation of physicians - pharmacists in the modern drugstore are tasked instead with the responsibility of evaluating the appropriateness and managing the dispensation of pharmaceuticals prescribed to patients under a doctor's care. Among the most important of pharmacist jobs is assuring that the patient has not been prescribed two drugs which will have an adverse interaction. An in-depth study of pharmacology is required to make such evaluations and in all states such positions are highly regulated and require testing before the issuance of a pharmacist's license.


Owing to the vastness of the information to be stored and the diverse tasks of PHARMACY CRITICS involves, maintaining the Database becomes enormous. A well designed project can go a long way in the efficient management of all the information. The PHARMACY CRITICS application has been implemented to store the pharmacy information and user friendly Interfaces. The implementation of the project using the concept of singly linked list and files and linear search. Change is the only constant thing in this world .A Heart full attempt is made to the software to be bug free as we know “To err is Human”, there may be some bugs.

The scope of this project is limited to the activities of a pharmaceutical store which includes will improving health outcomes, reduce hospital and long term care admissions, enhance access and care in the Estate and surrounding communities and ensuring best use of resources, the use of a computer based management system for improving the efficiency of a pharmacy is needed and it is an essential part of any modern continuously evolving society. The system will not be able to handle drug prescription, drug to drug interaction. The system will not be able to handle contraindication and polypharmacy in a prescription; this implies that these services will be manually completed by the pharmacist.



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