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The Use Of Vaccination Should Not Be Mandatorily

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The introduction of vaccination to the world has been considered as one of the most advanced progress in the Pharmacy industry. From measles, smallpox to rubella, vaccination has been recognized to not only cure but also to eradicate a lot of diseases. The outstanding successes of vaccinations have made such a great impact on the world’s healthcare that many developed countries have required scheduled vaccinations for children. Despite the effective uses of vaccines in many parts of the world, there have been many arguments stating that the choices of vaccination should not interfere, or rather, the use of vaccines should not be mandatorily required

With the growth of science in the pharmacy industry, many studies have been conducted so far proving the ingredients in vaccines are safe for children. However, the arguments around the safety of ingredients in vaccines have been one of the most controversial issues regarding this topic. According to the CDC (n.d), most found ingredients in vaccines include Aluminum, Thimerosal, which are used for vaccines preservation or to stimulate their effectiveness. What many people may not be aware of are those ingredients are indeed dangerous and may affect people’s health negatively. Aluminum, being a toxic metal, has been revealed to be accumulated in bones and brain for a premature baby with just 10 micrograms of consumption and might even reach a noxious level for the patients with impaired kidney function (Pond 2011). Thimerosal, the compound usually found in the ingredients for preserving vaccines, with mercury is the main element, is extremely dangerous as mercury is one of the most poisonous elements on earth (WHO 2011). Imus (2018) states, in more than 80 studies, human health is reported to be tremendously affected when exposed to mercury, including difficulties such as autism or vision loss.

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In another argument, many people have claimed that our world today has become healthier with fewer diseases thanks to the introduction of vaccines, with approximately ten million deaths were prevented from 2010 to 2015 (WHO, n.d). While it can be seen clearly that such disease like smallpox or polio has been eradicated by vaccines (CDC, n.d), we are now facing with such new matters related to healthcare. According to Fisher (2017), reports from the CDC, the USA, showed that American children have been immunized four more times nowadays than the previous generations as the government schedules more compulsory vaccinations for children with the aim for better disease prevention. However, figures have shown otherwise as Fisher (2017) also states that the proportion of children with autism increased by 3%, asthma by 8% compared to the 1980s with unprecedented growing numbers of children with seizures, depression, and many other life-threatening illnesses, according to reports. Hence, as a result of more mandatory vaccines, the number of outbreak diseases shows no sign of declining.

Lastly, with the development of modern society, the obstacle of religious practices are opined to should have been erased when it comes to vaccinations, many argued. Although this might seem rational in the modern world concerning the healthcare aspect, religious beliefs are always considered the major barrier for vaccination refusal as it belongs to the personal choice of belief and rights, something that not everyone could fully understand. Merekiene et al. (2012) reveal in their study that the Orthodox community in the Netherlands opposes vaccination as they believe human health sent by God should not be interfered with by mankind, while the Amish communities suppose that vaccinations weaken the immune system. According to McKee and Bohannon (2016), a report evaluates the violation of vaccinations to the religion most generally comes from the vaccines’ components as some vaccines are produced from animal-derived gelatin, human fetus, resulting in the biggest concerns. Mckee and Bohannon (2016) also state that the rate of vaccination exemptions in schools regarding religions has risen significantly from 2000 to 2011. All things considered, the compulsory requirement of vaccines towards religions is completely unethical as people should not be forced into something beyond their beliefs.

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