Positive and Negative Sides of Capital Punishment

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First to enter in the world of a capital punishment we need to know what is a crime, a crime is an action that offense, that may be prosecuted by the state and broke the laws, when it comes to capital punishment, it is about executing a person who has committed a serious crime enough as murder and a way that use to punish a person that do this ilegal thing. This term comes from the Latin of cutting the head. In the past this method was use to punish people and don´t exist jail that allows people to stay in that place for some years and pay for the crime commited.

In adition this method is used in many countries nowadays such as Saudi Arabia, China, North Korea.,there are many regions that are against and in favor of this some of the reasons are because: in some countries, by using this penalty method, crime has been reduced by a considerable percentage. The executions and capital punishments decrease in all the world this is because is a very exaggerated and inhuman way to kill a person, and some campaigns think that people can have a second opportunity.

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Many institutions said that this method need to stop and made investigations for example the capital punishment is reducing in a 31% in a global executions but this is reducing because people have fear to be executed or because they don´t want to use the capital punishment. I think that this a way that allow us to live in a more safe country because if we have a law that said if you kill someone you are going to be executed, is obviously that anyone want to be killed and with this is going to be less crime in the world but for do this we have to be certainly sure that this person commited this crime.

We have to know that exits differents types of capital punishment like the followings: the execution, the shot in the neck, death by strangulation, the decapitation with the ax, electrocution through the electric chair, this are the most used in the actually, but in the past they use unkind types of execution a person like stoning and crushing ( of the whole body or head), the dismembrement. Imagine is we used that in the present, no one would commit a crime for fear of suffering one of these consequences.

Capital punishment in Panama, Article 139 of the constitution of 1904 provided: “the law may only impose the death penalty for the crime of homicide when it reviews atrocious characters”. (Article of www.prensa.com). This means that a momento in the history or our country if the capital punishment existed, time later 1941 it was eliminated by another law. An international agreement was made in which it is confirmed that in Panama this type of acts cannot be performed and that the country also agrees not to reinstate the capital punishment and therefore is bound by what Court of Human Rights dictates.

In conclusión the capital punishment is a rather cruel way to make someone pay for what he did, but if we want to stop this, and of acts would not be repeated and that the murderers continue increase every year, we must use extreme methods to keep that porcentaje low, it is advisable for countries with high crime to use this method to avoid further assasination of innocent people and psychopaths or any other person to rape children or traffic them. There are many people against the capital punishment but we must think about what is best for the world if we make a comparison with past and the present is going to be very noticed the differents quantity we will realice that before there were not so many murders per year. And in that age was very strict laws and that´s why crimes were not committed so if that make a change in the past it could make a change in the present and we could have a better world for our children.

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