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Problems of CBIL Bank of Nepal & Recommendations to Improve Their Customer Satisfaction

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The banking industry is one of the vital pillars for the development of national economy. With the increase of confidence towards the banking, there is high scope of banks to increase their business volume. To be a part of the banking industry in itself is a privilege. CBIL is one of the leading banks in Nepalese financial industry. CBIL as a pioneer in introducing many innovative products and marketing concepts in the domestic banking sector represents a milestone in the banking history of Nepal as it started in the era of modern banking either customer satisfaction measured as a focal objective while doing business. Today CBIL holds one of the strongest networks, network in and outside Nepal compared to other financial institution of Nepal.

CBIL has focus on customer satisfaction by providing highly acclaimed services. CBIL has good cooperation within and outside organization. CBIL has succeeded to maintain a good culture and discipline in organization. The internship at CBIL helped internee to gain in depth knowledge about the real working environment, interpersonal and communication skills, organizational culture and behavior, professional qualities and building spirit as well as working samples of commercial banks. During internship, internee has learnt many aspects other than the banking as to socialize make the working environment friendlier.

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The internee has also learnt the importance of behavioral issues. The customers are to be treated properly and friendly way for their full satisfaction. This will help the bank to achieve success by creating loyal customers and retaining them. Performing internship in CBIL helped internee a lot to gain knowledge about systems, manual works and the working environment of different department of the bank. CBIL tries its best to serve their customers fully. It is one of the most promising banks today and have the opportunity to increase their market share by improving their customer satisfaction by overcoming their weakness and doing their best to retain quality services. Overall, the internship program has been really very fruitful in enhancing the practical knowledge of the internet.

  • ATM Problem. It was observed that the branch was frequently facing the ATM problem due to which there was the frequent complaint from the customers. Different technical issues were causing problems for customers attempting to withdraw cash from ATMs. Also negligible from the bank side to handle such issues of the customers ultimately leads to dissatisfy customers.
  • Staffing. Also it was observed that there was a problem of overstaffing somewhere and understaffing somewhere. Human resources were not managed to their optimum level which leads frustration among the staffs. Rather than concentrating on their work people were found gossiping around regarding each other on a group.
  • High turnover. Internee observed high turnover at Citizens’ bank. Mostly turnover was seen high at the entry level i.e. Trainee assistant level. Due to various reasons like low pay, facility, working conditions, etc. turnover was seen high in the bank.
  • Nepotism and Favoritism. Nepotism and favoritism which is considered as unprofessional behaviors in work life existed in Citizens’ bank. If someone has their family members, friends, relatives in higher position, they used to get quick promotion and placements in good departments like finance, credit department regardless of their performance and score. This kind of culture used to upset/demotivate other hard working employees.
  • Poor CCTV camera. The quality of CCTV camera was so poor. Every time when there was cash short in teller, we have to go through whole recording of CCTV coverage in order to find out the customer who gets more cash than actual. At this point of time, it was difficult for us to find the fault due to poor quality recording of CCTV camera.

Since only one staff looks after ATM problem and if she/ he get busy in other activities then the customers have to wait for long hours. So, two or three staffs should be assigned to perform the ATM related tasks so that any problems regarding ATM can be solved in a minute. There were only three staffs in Customer Service Department and few interns. As this department has a lot of work to do so customers have to wait and the staffs and interns have to accomplish the tasks at pressure. So, the staffs from other department should be assigned to the CSD. Working conditions, pay level should also be in line with the other similar organizations so that turnover can be reduced to a noticeable manner. Staffs should be provided with better motivation and perks so that they are more dedicated to their works. Promotions and job rotation should be done fairly on the basis of employees’ performance. They should attach high definition CCTV camera in the teller. Bank should try to attract more fixed depositors rather than current and saving depositors so that it can make long term investments and lending. The speed of delivering service should be increased, providing needy services promptly. If the bank increases its promotional and marketing activities, it can create more customer attraction towards the bank. It will further help the bank to enhance its image and increase its degree of success in the context of today’s competitive banking industry.

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