Professional Computer Programmers Write Programs to Satisfy Their Own Needs: Persuasive Essay

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Computers, smartphones, and apps- are all ubiquitous in our daily lives, yet they have only been around for the past few decades. With a surge in technology has come a wave of new jobs...including one profession in the behind-the-scenes of it all: computer programming.

So, what exactly is the job of a computer programmer? Their main task is to write code. Code is a series of commands that follow a programming language. These commands are broken down logically for the computer to be able to process them. Before this code can be written, however, there must first be a program design. A program design is the rough sketch of a code; it outlines the commands for the computer to follow. Most of the time, a software developer first pitches an idea for a program design, and the computer programmer makes that dream a reality. Sometimes, the computer programmer writes their own code.

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After the code is written, it must undergo revising-another job of computer programmers. Making sure the code is free of any mistakes is important- since computers rely on straightforward commands to operate, any errors could result in the computer not working properly.

The skillset of a computer programmer is versatile, and needed in a variety of workplaces. These include jobs in hospitals, manufacturing, insurance companies, and more. So, how do you get a job as a computer programmer? Well, it is obviously very beneficial to get a degree in computer programming. A bachelor’s degree is also often necessary to land a job. Employers also look for candidates who are well-versed in different kinds of software. Being an expert in more than one programming language is also valuable; applying the best language for the situation and executing it well is an important skill to have. It is possible to obtain certificates for specific languages, and doing so is definitely recommended.

So, is it worth it? What do people in the field have to say about the profession? Well, two programmers, Chris Loy, and Jenny Lem, were interviewed by JAXenter. When Jenny was asked if programmers feel significant, even when they are part of a much larger business, she replied: “...It can be extremely difficult to have a sense of whether you’re adding value in a large company...[but] I think there’s a lot of personal satisfaction to be gained from writing clean, maintainable code...this is something that a [programmer] can aim for in a company of any size.” Among other things, Jenny and Chris mention throughout the interview the diversity of people in the field. However, Jenny does say that “The success of coding boot camps would certainly suggest that there’s something of a shortage of [programmers].” Chris says that “Sometimes it feels like the software industry is slowly consuming everything else...[thus] I think, in future, programming skills will become as widespread as word processing skills did in the ’90s, and that anyone will be able to take advantage of this amazing toolkit in order to improve the way they work.” Obviously, computer programming is a career path with much potential as technology continues to develop. There seems to be an ever-growing demand for programmers, and with the right skill set, opportunities will present themselves in a variety of places. Thus, if you have an interest in the field, you should probably pursue it!

I personally was once drawn to computer science because of the versatility I saw in it, however, it did not intrigue me the way other subjects might. Because of that, I do not think I will enter that field, however, I definitely see the value in the career.

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