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Pythagoras Essay Examples

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Background Information On Pythagoras' Life And Works

Pythagoras’s journey began in Samos, Ionia at the time of 570 BCE and he sadly died in Metapontum, Lucanium at the time of 500-490 BCE. Pythagoras got a good quality education because his father (Mnesarchus) was wealthy merchant. He possibly studied in Babylon and Egypt...
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Pythagoras' Contributions To The Numerology

Pythagoras made a lot of mathematical and mystical contribution to the modern numerology. But after his death, people’s interest in mathematical mysticism and all his teachings on numbers waned. Most of his teachings were now restricted to secret use. Sometime after his death however, a...
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Archimedes, Euclid And Pythagoras As Ancient Greek Mathematicians

Ancient Greek Mathematicians “Geometry is knowledge of the eternally existent,” (“Sacred Mathematics”). This quotation by Plato, an Ancient Greek philosopher, demonstrates the importance of geometry to the foundations of the universe. Geometry encompasses every aspect of life including architecture, physics, and biology. Teachers around the...
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Mathematical Pythagoras Theorem And Its Use

Pythagoras theorem also known as Pythagorean theorem is a quite interesting concept, every Maths student would be familiar with the word, even non-maths students also would have gone through it in their school time. This theorem gives the fundamental aspect in Euclidean Geometry connecting the...
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Greek Leaders in Thought, Science, and Math: Pythagoras

“All men by nature desire to know”Aristotle. That quote sums up how the Greeks looked at thought and learning. They constantly were searching for more knowledge and new ways of discovering it. The Greeks were pioneers in many of the things they did. The Greeks...
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Overtones and the Music of the Spheres: Legacy of Pythagoras

Introduction Pythagoras was wrong. The planets in our solar system do not revolve around Earth, nor are they carried in their orbits by crystal spheres. However, his theory of “music of the spheres” holds truths that continue to be uncovered with modern scientific advances. This...
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