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Pythagoras’s journey began in Samos, Ionia at the time of 570 BCE and he sadly died in Metapontum, Lucanium at the time of 500-490 BCE. Pythagoras got a good quality education because his father (Mnesarchus) was wealthy merchant. He possibly studied in Babylon and Egypt where he may have learnt from the greatest Greek professors. In around 532 BCE, Pythagoras moved to the South of Italy to escape Samos’s cruel orders. Then Pythagoras became one of the most well-known Greek...
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People learn in different ways all the time. From the simplest of things like riding a bike to the complexity of creating new mathematical equations uses a different way of knowing then constructing furniture. The strive for knowledge using different networks lead to significant discoveries. This essay will discuss how Mathematics, Arts and Human Sciences uses Reasons, Imaginations, Sense perception and/or language is used to gain new knowledge. However, many thinkers state that different methods of gaining have different levels...
3 Pages 1327 Words
Math has existed and been used around us for a long time, even though individuals who employed inventing it were not aware that the systems they were creating to solve mundane problems would in the future be considered the foundation of mathematical concepts such as algebra, geometry, etc. These concepts came from efforts to make day-to-day life easier. For example; the modern day concept of combinatorics evolved from an effort to solve problems of enumeration in medicine and perfumery. The...
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Introduction Pythagoras was wrong. The planets in our solar system do not revolve around Earth, nor are they carried in their orbits by crystal spheres. However, his theory of “music of the spheres” holds truths that continue to be uncovered with modern scientific advances. This paper explores the inextricable links between music, science, and faith that are contained within the music of the spheres. Whether or not we believe in the spiritual aspects of the theory is irrelevant; the practical...
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“All men by nature desire to know”Aristotle. That quote sums up how the Greeks looked at thought and learning. They constantly were searching for more knowledge and new ways of discovering it. The Greeks were pioneers in many of the things they did. The Greeks were one of the most influential leaders in math, science, and philosophy, and their ideas are still used today. The common factor between all these things was that in most cases they used deduction, and...
3 Pages 1182 Words
A fundamental purpose of human social structures is to capture knowledge and convey it to succeeding generations. Individuals must acquire that knowledge through observations made within these structures, such as culture and education. Knowledge is defined as facts/skills acquired through the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject. It is clear that much of our current knowledge is a culmination of centuries of knowledge evolving into what it is today. To me, the title implies that what we already know...
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Pythagoras theorem also known as Pythagorean theorem is a quite interesting concept, every Maths student would be familiar with the word, even non-maths students also would have gone through it in their school time. This theorem gives the fundamental aspect in Euclidean Geometry connecting the three sides of a triangle provided the triangle must be right-angled. Geometrically it would be amenable to allude the properties and its various dimensions, the pictorial representation of the theorem, its application to real-life is...
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Ancient Greek Mathematicians “Geometry is knowledge of the eternally existent,” (“Sacred Mathematics”). This quotation by Plato, an Ancient Greek philosopher, demonstrates the importance of geometry to the foundations of the universe. Geometry encompasses every aspect of life including architecture, physics, and biology. Teachers around the globe instruct the basics of geometry to teen-aged students every day, yet these self-evident ideas were not always simple. It took the collaboration of many great minds to formulate the mathematical conclusions so easily comprehensible...
4 Pages 1922 Words
Pythagoras made a lot of mathematical and mystical contribution to the modern numerology. But after his death, people’s interest in mathematical mysticism and all his teachings on numbers waned. Most of his teachings were now restricted to secret use. Sometime after his death however, a group of neo-Pythagoreans emerged and brought up his teachings again. But eventually the non-mathematical works and theories Pythagoras faded away. In addition to the death of Pythagoras, the ruling of the first council of Nicaea...
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When the empire of the Greek began to spread all over the world especially into Asia, the Greeks were so clever and smart that they could adopt and adapt useful factors or elements from the communities they invaded. In fact they adapted many elements of mathematics from both the Babylonians and the Egyptians. However , the Greek began at once to develop and to make important contributions in the field of mathematics . One of these contributions is one of...
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