Research Paper on the Importance of New Negro Movement

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“ That is part of the beauty of all literature. You discover that your longings are universal longings, that you are not lonely and isolated from anyone. You belong.”- F. Scott Fitzgerald. Roaring 20’s is described as a vibrant era filled with amazing authors like F. Scott Fitzgerald, Langston Hughes, and Gertrude Stein. As writers, their works were influenced by the world around them by what they saw and felt. During this time period, many movements surfaced bringing along a new age of literature with them. The roaring 20’s literature mainly focuses on these three points: authors, movements, and the contribution it made in the world.

To better understand the literacy time period of the roaring 20’s era, you have to go back to the era before. For instance, before the roaring ’20s was the modernism era an experimental time period. They realized that the “old ways” will no longer do because of world-changing almost overnight so writers ventured out creating something new. Modernism literature was about poetry and prose fiction some of the greatest writers included T.S. Eliot and W.H. Auden. One of T.S. Eliot’s best work is “The Wasted Land”, this poem talks about the hardships of what the war left behind. Also, W.H. Auden's most famous work is “Spain”, this is regarding Auden's experiences in Spain during the civil war from 1936-1939. Some if not all of the modernism literature ideals can be seen in the roaring ‘20s era.

The early 20th century was the time for the Lost Generation also known as Post-World WarⅠ. During this time people where recuperating from World WarⅠtrying to find a place in this new reality that has been built for them because of the war. Many people lost their way giving up hope and faith. This Generation of literature focuses mainly on the aftermath of the war. The term “Lost Generation” originated from an author, Gertrude Stein. Then Hemingway later used it in one of his novels called “The Sun Also Rises” saying “You are all a Lost Generation”. This saying referred to the shortage of faith and purpose. Many people during this time had seen so much death because of the war that they gave up on traditional values. While others became “lost” and focused more money then precis beliefs. During this time decadence, gender roles, impotence, and idealised past were common themes in literature. Most famous writers included Ernest Hemmingway, and F. Scott Fitzgerald. Ernest Hemmingway was well-known for his style of writing. While his stories are gripping and masculaton, he broke away from traditional narrative making him unique in this way. With his skilled use of language in silence, dialogue and action, Hemingway chose to leave behind conformity and be original. His works include as mentioned before “The Sun Also Rises” captures the demeanors of hard drinking, quick living arrangement of disappointed and young exiles in after war sets. Gertrude Stein is to be considered the most significant writers of this time in the early twenties. She was known for her experimental poetry. Gertrude not only wrote poetry but as well as plays, operas, and gave lectures. Her poetry was unique from other writers her most popular work was “The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas” this was written in her point of view. This is important because it gave Gertrude recognition and allowed her readers to see into her life and what she feels. This is the time where writers are expanding their wings and trying new things.

This travels through the Jazz age a vibrant time filled with music and literature. An important factor of the Jazz age literature is African American contributions. This time period saw a number of big changes in society with technological advances that pushed Americans to see the potential for efficiency and speed in old ways of doing things. The social scene was also changing as women's roles were re-designed with the archetypical flapper, new sexual freedoms and opportunities afforded to women. Politically, there was a rift between the people and the government ever since the prohibition of alcohol and its unsuccessful attempt to limit people. Also, architecture had also changed during the Jazz Age becoming what is known as art deco style. For example, you can see this when you look up to the Empire State Building in New York. As well as art has taken root in the Jazz Age you witness the workings of surrealism and expressionism. Surrealism influenced the literature, theater, film, music, and visual arts of this period. Jazz music like the literature during this time was based on the musicians' or writers' feelings. In the Jazz Age, they embraced modernity and modernism and the concept of stream of consciousness. At the height of its time Jazz became a cultural movement influencing the young in attire, attitude, and language. author of Invisible Man, Ralph Ellison, once describes that jazz is a great way to understand African American culture. The Jazz Age was filled with wonderful writers such as F. Scott Fitzgerald, and William Faulkner. Fitzgerald one of the leading authors of the Jazz Age who contributed to the Jazz Age. F. Scott Fitzgerald's most famous works is “ The Great Gatsby” it gave an excellent description of the Jazz Age. In the book you can find the idea of the American dream and how society easily floated with this dream. It depicted even social classes from poor to rich and people breaking from norms. For example, it shows flappers women who had a lively kind of style attire, progressive attitudes, and modernized morals. While a flapper seen through the eyes of the older generation saw them as taboo. Women of this movement did not care of society views and embraced individualism. William Faulkner was best known for diction filled writing and his attention to detail. His work at the time was in direct contrast with his contemporaries whom worked in a minimalist fashion. He unlike this other writers talk about topics that were often not talked about. For instance, he is known for writing “ Sanctuary” a story about rape and kidnapping of a young woman. This was a critical breakthrough in his career William like many before him broke away from what was expected and did something unforeseen. The world as they know it was shifting becoming something phenomenal.

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The height of the twenties is known as the Roaring 20’s, a time were all boundaries were broken. The Roaring Twenties was a time of scholarly imagination, and a few remarkable creators works showed up during this period.During this time a lot of technology was being produced including cars, radio, and movies. With new technology and booming businesses came more jobs meaning more opportunities for individuals. Women of the early twenties were pushing the limits of what they could do, but that all changed because of literature. During this time women no longer just wanted to be housewives they wanted to have a job and be independent. Even homosexuality was been explored and expressed in songs. Some of the best authors in this movement included Sherwood Anderson, Frederick Lewis Allen. Sherwood Anderson was known for abstract and self-uncovering work. Sherwood is a writer who affected American composition between World Wars I and II, particularly the method of short story. His composing affected remarkable essayists, for example, Ernest Hemingway and William Faulkner. His composition style depended on ordinary discourse and originate from the test composing of Gertrude Stein, a wonderful author. Fredrick Lewis Allen, a white author, was the editor of Harper's Magazine and respected as an American historian of the early years of the twentieth century. His specialty was writing about recent and popular history during this period. He is widely known for his most famous book named ̈ Only Yesterday”, depicting the ways during the Roaring ́20s. It gives an elaborate explanation of what went on during the twenties.

Harlem Renaissance is considered the first important movement of black artists and writers in the U.S. The Harlem Renaissance or called the “New Negro Movement” the literary themes that arose in this period were diverse, and generally focused on promoting racial pride and embracing African American culture. One of the variables adding to the ascent of the Harlem Renaissance was the relocation of African Americans to northern urban communities, for example, New York . African American writers affirmed the role of black talent in American culture and focused on different aspects of black life. They addressed issues of race, class, religion and gender. While some writers focused entirely on black characters, others describe relationships among people of different races. Some attacked racism, while others expressed issues within black communities. Politically, they had a new sense of identiy “New Negro” as they called it was a way to show black power and abilities. The Harlem Renaissance also paved the way for the future during the civil right movements giving African Americans recognition. They wanted to escape Victorian moral values and bourgeois shame of their lives that might encourage racist beliefs. This movement included Langston Hughs, Zora Neale Hurston, and Wallace Thurman. Langston Hugh was a well known author of the Harlem Renaissance he wrote both plays and novels. Out of all these he was most famous for his poems. Langstons writing was mostly about how African American culture should be celebrated because it is as worthy as white culture. This can be found in his composing, for example, 'The Negro Artist and the Racial Mountain', and 'One Way Ticket'.To this day many of his writings have inspired people and has been appreciated throughout time. Zora Neale Hurston a phenomenal female writer known for her wit and folk writing style. What made Zora different from other writers of this period was her distinct dialogue to express black culture. Zoras main goal was to see to the expansion of African American culture being celebrated. Along these lines, one of her books, 'Spunk' was chosen to be a piece of the New Negro development, which basically centered around African American workmanship and writing.She was a revolutionary woman fighting for African American rights while doing it in style. Additionally, you also had Wallace Thurman who was revered as a pioneer of the Harlem Renaissance and a literary revolutionary who left behind a written legacy for many to see. Wallace Thurman was recognized as one of the main writers, pundits, artists, and dramatists of the Harlem Renaissance. However, he questioned and quashed the existence of the Harlem Renaissance in his writings. One of Wallace's best works is known as “Infants of the Spring” which stated overrated figures of the Harlem Renaissance. The Harlem Renaissance development was a period for African American culture to step out of the murkiness and into the light.

After the Roaring ‘20s came upon the Beat Generation, a period full nonconformity creativity. They derived some of their vocabulary from the Jazz age, and expressed the way they felt about being isolated from society. Also, this movement sought to heightened their preception through jazz music, sex, buddhism, and drugs. Politically speaking they were not involved in politics and simply did not care. The Beat movement authors included Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac. In the Beat Generation Allen is the most respected writer and praised American poet. Allen Ginsberg is best known for his poem “Howl”, which entitles what he saw as the crippling forces of both capitalism and conformity. This poem is considered to be the most notable poem in the Beat Generation.Jack Kerouac was an american author, writer, and pioneer of the Beat development, whose renowned book, On the Road, had gotten social impact before it was even perceived. It is said that the book captured the essence of its era that can be compared to F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby”. He also advocated a free composition where a writer can say what is on their mind and heart without reason. He paved the way for many writers who were left out such as Black Mountain Poets to feel welcome.

This era is filled with rich literature and history behind these movements. They helped people to see the reality of the world they lived in. The Roaring 20’s was all about breaking boundaries this led to authors and movements to speak out. While there were obstacles they overcame them allowing many writers to express themselves changing our literacy world. In this period we saw traditions being broken and social norms being exonerated. It was also a time to be not only free but to express yourself without conforming to society. While they are all in the same era each movement made their own contribution not only in the literature sense but in the way we live now. As the saying goes in literature we are never alone.

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