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Should Medical Marijuana be Legalized?

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Drug addiction in today’s society is more bigger than ever. With legalizing marijuana, people may use it for their own good instead of using it strictly for medical purposes. Marijuana is a gateway to the use of more serious drugs. Marijuana is a very prominent and controversial issue in society today. Even tho many claims been made about cannabis in recent history, the truth is starting to resurface.

Sadly, these truths are under bad criticism due to the way people view typical pot smokers. This skewed perception of a lazy and unmotivated American is the result of over some years of incorrect information spreaded by people who relied on illegal weed that is actually illegal from their own personal gains. As a marijuana consumer and a current medical marijuana patient, I strongly believe that marijuana should be legalized for all users(Cidio). While it is true that most people who become addicted to heroin and crack have used cannabis, their first drug experiences tend to be alcohol and tobacco, and that If anything, prison is the biggest gateway of all (Nutt.) Let’s start with drug addiction.

Many people have bad drug addictions that include snorting, injecting and smoking. With snorting, you have cocaine which is powdered or crushed up and most people forcefully breathe it intp there nasal cavity. With injecting, there’s heroin which is injected into a vein or into a muscle. It’s a very powerful drug. Lastly, with smoking there’s marijuana. Marijuana is actually the gateway to all of those other serious drugs. People may use those drugs to get the high that they dont get with marijuana anymore.

For example, marijuana may not do it for you anymore so you resort to cocaine or heroin. But if marijuana were legalized for medical purposes, then it should strictly be used for those purposes (van Niekerk.) For cancer patients, cannibal use has many desirable outcomes. Some potential clinics uses include anti-inflammatory , analgesic, and anti-nausea. The cannabis eases pain and makes it easier for the patient.

Clinical studies also have also shown some benefits in conditions such as malignancy, immunologic, and rheumatic diseases. Cannabis use for cancer related pain hasn’t gained widespread acceptance in the science community and has not resulted in published trials. There are many benefits of legalizing marijuana also.

A benefit of legalizing marijuana includes providing the govt with leverage to the problem. Marijuana is currently against federal laws still even medical marijuana complies with several state laws. Every year the government spends money and relates it to the cost of enforcing marijuana laws. Marijuana is a cash crop and can be used for clothes, paper, medical substances, along with many other uses. The legalization of marijuana would provide the government and our country with control over a huge cash crop that can be easily pursued to our climate.

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Additionally to exporting hemp and marijuana to have more money, the government will be able to add taxes on the plant which is almost the same to alcohol or tobacco.Although this isn’t the case, it’s estimated that legalization would probably lesson government outlay by $5.3 billion at the state (Miron 18). Although marijuana has many benefits, it also has harms and social implications. Medical marijuana research has focused on benefits in disease therapy as well as social implications and detrimental effects. The greater number of harms associated with marijuana used specifically as a medical treatment are unwanted side effects.

These side effects include somnolence(sleepiness), dizziness, ataxia (incoordination), and blurred vision as well as dysphoria, depression, hallucinations, paranoia and arterial hypotension. These could limit the use of small doses of marijuana depending on the age. There’s also the prohibition of marijuana. Prohibiting marijuana has more costs than advantages. In order to catch citizens with marijuana, police officers must use drug-sensitive dogs to help find the drug, which takes time and money(Lippman.)

Pharmacies will be hit the hardest when medical marijuana is legalized. It’s cheaper for patients to grow their own medication. Some scientists are still working on how they can make a synthetic form of THC that can be put into capsule form. Physicians who are able to prescribe medical marijuana need to keep an eye out for those that claim to have a disease just so that they can get their marijuana legally.(Scott 18)

Tax payers are spending billions of dollars each year to fight the war on marijuana. The effort has done nothing, where are the billions of dollars going? Physicians that prescribe medical marijuana to their patients are not promoting smoking by any means they are just helping relieve pain of their suffering patients. Now let’s talk about prohibition.

According to the new york times, prohibition costs more than 3 billion to enforce laws on possession. Prohibition reinforce that the calculated values of getting rid of the expenditure caused by marijuana offenders along with the taxation of the substance would be a substantial revision to our economy. Moreover, using marijuana for Many cancer patients with cancer experience nausea and vomiting related to the treatment for cancer such as chemotherapy and radiation. Smoking cannabis is used as a rescue drug in cases of vomiting episodes. Cannabis in all medical cases were found beneficial but in comparison was not superior to the study medication (Kalant H, Pers. Comm.)

Yes many cancer patients will have it to ease their pain, but many noncancer patients will have it to just for the fun of it, which again is a waste of money In 2012 alone, there were 658,000 arrests for marijuana possession, but only 256,000 for cocaine, heroin, and others according to the F.B.I. (New York Times).

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