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Technology has become advanced over the years which has now become a powerful tool, and has become a necessity in people's lives. Technology addiction is a thing that has become very common in our lives and is an issue that has to be addressed. The addiction is universal which means that it can be at any place in the world that has technology. This issue can start at any time and can affect any gender and any age. Technology addiction is an issue that must be addressed in schools, and communities must teach students digital literacy to ensure this powerful tool is used correctly.

Technology addiction is frequently using gadgets or any piece of technology and not caring about the consequences that can happen. The addiction is ruining people's lives and is hurting them mentally. Gazzaley does ongoing studies of how technology affects our brains and she states that “ your performance levels drop if you stop activity to start another”(Gazzaley). When our performance levels drop it can cause memory failure. Multitasking can make people think differently by making it hard to think of one thing at a time which makes people juggle their problems and make them look for more information even though the information they have is better and more reliable. It's even worse when the subject is younger since younger kids have weaker minds because their minds are still growing. Sleep is also a big mental effect that comes with technology addiction. Teens need at least 9 hours of sleep per night. If kids can't get enough sleep it means they can't concentrate at school or on their work. Kids who do Not enough sleep can also have problems with coping emotional or social pressures. Modern-day teenagers are being separated from their parents by being on their phones or being on technology. Having a good relationship with family is being of important because of the distraction of technology. The addiction to the phone has become so great that children will take their teacher anywhere and be on it most of the time. The people will become more independent due to the fact they don't socially communicate as much in person. Being socially independent can make people's lives hard when it comes to talking to people and can cause communication problems. People will have a hard time with social skills because of technology addiction (Gazzaley).

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Physical issues are an effect that comes with having an addiction to technology. Such as back pain, loss of hearing, and poor eyesight. “Nearly 70 percent of American adults say they've experienced symptoms of digital eye strain at some point in their lives” (Holmes). Being on technology can make you strain your eyes by using the technology too much in the dark. It can also make your eyes dry due to looking at the screen for long periods of time. Looking at the screen too much will later affect the eye and it will result in people getting glasses because of the poor eyesight. Hearing loss is also a big physical issue that is a long-term problem starting at a young age. Young kids love listening to music through headphones or earphones but it affects them in a negative way. Blasting music is hurting their ear drums which can later on affect their hearing. Listening to music or watching videos through headphones or earphones too much will hurt kids later on when they grow up. Back pain and neck problems are common in being on technology too much. Looking down while you sit down can affect your posture which will make people slouch while walking or sitting and later on have painful back pains. Neck problems come when you are lying down in an odd position to be looking at your phone or computer. Technology addiction has also made people's active movement go down. Kids have been wanting to stay in to play video games or watch movies on their phones instead of going out to play outside (Holmes). American people have become more inactive letting their kids be inside doing nothing other than sitting down and using technology rather than making them go outside and be active. Children will gain weight after doing nothing except sitting down or lying down doing nothing. The health of kids is getting worse because of too much technology. Hands have been affected because people have a tendency to grab their phones a lot and it can strain muscles in the hands which will lead to problems with hand pain and joint movement. Using technology over a long period of time can affect people physically (Holmes).

Social media has made phones be checked on many times. People check their phones over 100 times per day and according to this professor “The average millenial picks up their smartphones 150 times a day”(Alter). The social media platform has become this living style as well. Technology addiction was caused by social media and YouTube as well. An app that has over millions of different kinds of videos People created a lifestyle on that platform and making videos for entertainment has become their number one source of money. Social media can also work like that as well but has less chance of making money from it. It has come to the point of technology where everything is recorded due to the new phone advancements. Social media can negatively affect someone as well. Cyberbullying is becoming a bigger issue every day. Cyberbullying is when someone is being harassed or called names over the internet. That kind of bullying is one of the harshest types of being me to someone. Cyberbullying has caused other negative issues such as social anxiety and depression. Depression is caused by being put down by mean comments to a picture or being called out for being themselves. Cyberbullying is part of a bigger issue as well. Suicide rates have gone higher as technology addiction has grown too. “33.8 percent of teens they surveyed between ages 12 and 17 have been cyberbullying in their lifetime” (Karlis). Cyberbullying will continue to grow and there is already too much to stop it from happening. Being on technology too much has made people not care about how others would feel by treating them badly. Some people cannot even leave their phones alone for more than an hour because they're so addicted to checking their phones for messages or to see what's on their social media. Social is one of the main reasons for technology addiction. Cyberbullying is something that can happen to anyone and to any gender. Social media gives people to show other strangers only what the people want and allow. Social media has basically allowed people to have a second life on the internet. Having that second life on the internet people feel like they can say anything not thinking of the consequences of their actions. People also spend a massive amount of time on their phones checking out the styles of clothes or checking all the drama between celebrities. Social media has created many issues one of being technology addiction (Alter).

This addiction has made people think differently and people can't return to be like the past but they should consider how it has been affecting their lives negatively. Technology has many good things as well. Such as helping scientists discover and make better, more powerful medicines. People have been living more time due to having better health because of the new and advanced treatments. Technology has helped the studies of animals and climate as well. By giving them better technology they can locate animals using trackers and have a better system of producing food with meat and vegetables. Technology has helped people understand how climate change is affecting the planet and how it will get worse later on in the future. By having advanced technology we have been able to help other countries by having a better military. Technology has been used for good if it's used right but some people and kids don't understand the dangers of not being in control of technology (Karlis).

Technology addiction can start at a young age and will continue to affect the kid throughout his or her life. If the kids start at a young age they will think that being on the phone all the time will be okay, but they need to know the negative effects when it comes to being on technology too much. This addiction Is becoming a normal thing to modern people but it's hurting people mentally and physically. “Almost 57 percent of children between ages 3 to 17 use their wifi at home”(Ferrera). Having the internet at home has made it easier for kids to get hooked on technology. Kids have weaker minds because they are still growing but what if growing up with technology around them affects them by letting them think it's okay to use technology all the time? Their brains are growing and technology addiction can start at a young age.

Technology addiction has a huge impact on people's lives and it should be addressed so that it can be fixed or made so that the negative issues won't affect people as it does at this moment. People who are most vulnerable to technology addiction and children. It starts with boredom so they get into their phones and gadgets. After that, the kids are hooked and now everything won't be as interesting if the kids don't have their phones. The kids have been getting so attached to their social media and phones. “Internet gaming addiction, which is a major achievement”(Young). Online gaming is addicting and when people play time is sometimes wasted and can be used to do something better or help other people. Time passes fast when people play or watch videos all day. Gaming online has also become an addiction now to better graphics and faster consoles. Games have endless stories and can be played all the time if one wants to. It's a good way to entertain but time may be used the wrong way. Teens rather play video games or be on their phones than do their homework or their chores. Being distracted for a long period of time affects the things they don't get done on time and have problems at school or have arguments with their parents because the children don't do what they're supposed to do because of the addiction. Technology should be taught how much time it should be used because it's affecting people in a negative way (McNamee).

Solutions to helping out technology addiction should be available and treated seriously because later on in the future if it's not helped it will become worse and people will not notice because they grew up using technology so they will think it's normal. One way of helping people is having a limited amount of time on technology when they're young. By having a limited amount of time with the internet kids will learn that technology is not needed to be used all the time and will be happier to go out with friends and have connections with other children. The kids will get used to not having technology often and later on think of how they don't need to be using technology to not be bored. The second way to help people will be by having teachers teach the power of technology and how it's affecting the world. By teaching young minds the powerful tool it will become of use in the future. They will understand how technology is being used in different parts of the world and how they shouldn't use it as much. Communities have to learn to teach digital literacy to kids and how they can use that to become better at writing and composing essays. The kids can use this powerful tool to be better at things they need help with at school or writing. This will become something positive in the future if it's taught at a young age. The teachers can teach how technology is advancing in other things like in the military and at home. How cars are being more technology than their past cars. Technology is everywhere and it has to be taught people need to start seeing that too much technology is bad for mental and physical health. Parents should be more strict about letting their kids be on technology. Parents should push their kids more into going outside or joining sports. The parents should disconnect the wifi at home during the night and if the kids don't listen to the parents the parents should take away the phones during the night. There are many small things that everyone can do so that technology addiction stops and becomes a thing of the past. Technology is becoming so connected with people that they need technology or they'll go crazy because they are used to being on their phones for a long time. Technology addiction has to be fixed before people don't even realize it's a real thing that is affecting them in a negative way (Karlis).

Technology addiction is a big issue in the society that we live in and it should be addressed and it should even be taught at schools and at home. By teaching it to young kids they will learn how to correctly use this powerful tool. The kids will know how much time it should be used and end this addiction that is affecting thousands to millions of people's lives. This addiction is everywhere and can affect every gender and at any age. People have made technology a big part of their lives but too much will hurt them in small ways and that has to change.

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