The Activity Of End Child Poverty Coalition

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When organizations are faced by a common problem, the best way to approach it is no other than the famous saying that 'two heads are better than one.' In business, collaboration and partnerships are inevitable when there is a need to improve business outcomes. A coalition is a denotation of a temporary or permanent union of organizations which is usually formed with the aim of owning common goals. The coalition brings together organizations and makes them realize goals which could not be easily realized by either of the individual organizations forming the coalition. However, many reasons can bring organizations together. Whenever there is a partnership, the organizations enjoy some advantages that could not be enjoyed in the 'do-it- alone' approach. A good example of such coalitions is the End Child Poverty Coalition which is operating globally.

End Child Poverty Coalition was formed in 2001 by some groups of children's charities, groups of social justice and trade unions with the aim of combining efforts to reduce the high levels of poverty among the children in the UK. All the founders of this coalition had a common goal of eradicating child poverty in the United Kingdom. They believed that combining effort would mean a better approach to the challenge hence faster realization of their common goal. As a coalition, they would also stand a better funding chance from donors who also believed that eradication of child poverty was fundamental. The success of the coalition was a clear indication that 'two heads are better than one' since the outcome of the coalition was far much greater compared to the added efforts of the individual organizations forming it. Throughout the partnership, the shared goal was kept as the North Star making every stakeholder to have self-motivation of creating an experience that would have a positive impact on the lives of young children. The partnerships have made a significant impact in creating awareness over boarders through working together as a coalition as well as individually. This has attracted other players like childhood trust to join hands to achieve a world where all children grow up free from poverty, exclusion, and deprivation. The most notable achievement is that the government has retained the legal commitment of measuring the number of children being affected by poverty. There have been huge amounts of attention from the public where everyone has shown their interest in alleviating child poverty. The major political parties also have been called upon by the government to respond to the UK vision of having a child poverty-free state ahead of the next general election. This is because it has been found that child poverty is also having a cost to society as a whole. It has been noted that child poverty can result from the high cost of living including high prices of goods and services as well as huge costs of housing for the families renting privately. The freeze on the child benefit and child tax credit is also contributing negatively to the increased child poverty.

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Despite being a developed country, the United Kingdom has been faced by some poverty cases especially those at the lower end of the income distribution leaving them in the struggle with low living standards. According to the reports, the most affected are families with children. It has been estimated that in a class of thirty children, nine of them are living in poverty. The effort of end child poverty coalition has made an impact in reducing the number of families having relatively low living standards. However, with the current trends of poverty levels calls for government and non-governmental organizations to join hands to mitigate the enormous global challenge. This effort will mean a significant reduction in the number of children living below the poverty line.

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