The Amount of Carbon Dioxide Produced by Energy Drinks

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Fermentation refers to a metabolic process which consist of glycolysis plus reactions that regenerate NAD+ by transferring electrons from NADH to pyruvate. Organic molecules are converted into acids, gases, or alcohol in the absence of oxygen or any electron chain (Biology Dictionary, 2019). Fermentation occurs among specific types of bacteria and fungi that are obligate anaerobes, which are organisms that cannot survive in the presence of oxygen, and to some can be toxic if it does not have a protective system in the cell. There are many types of fermentation, the type of fermentation used in this experiment was alcohol fermentation or also known as ethanol fermentation which is a type of anaerobic respiration that includes glycolysis followed by conversion. Of pyruvic acid (CK-12 Foundation, 2019). In this process, NADH donates its electrons to a derivative of pyruvate, producing ethanol. To break it down, there is a two-step process. The very first step a carboxyl group is removed from pyruvate and released in as carbon dioxide, making two-carbon molecule called acetaldehyde. The following step is NADH passed its electrons to acetaldehyde that regenerate to NAD+ and forming ethanol. (Khan academy).

In this experiment, alcohol fermentation was used to determine the following question, which energy drink (Monster, Monster Rehab Tea, Sugar Free Monster, Red Bull, and Rockstar.) would produce 5 ml of CO2 in under 45 minutes. In the original hypothesis the energy drink that would produce 5 ml of carbon dioxide the fastest would be Monster being that it contains a significant amount of sugar (54 grams).

The experiment was conducted by ** FIX WORDING*** by mixing together yeast solution along with a total of 200ml of warm water and 10 grams of yeast to a total of 14 tet tubes, after each test tube had the mixture by using a pipette, 15 ml of the energy drinks were placed twice into each test tube. The different types of energy drinks were Monster, Rockstar, Monster Rehab Tea, Red Bull, Sugar Free Red Bull, Sugar Free Monster. As the 15 ml of test tubes containing the energy drinks along with 5 ml of yeast were mixed. As for a control group, 20 ml of Red Bull was added to a test tube. As 45 minutes have proceeded for the chance of each energy drink to reach 5ml of co2 we recorded the results and then repeated the experiment for all drinks.

As illustrated on the graph, almost all of the energy drinks did not seem to ferment any carbon dioxide, the only drink that fermented carbon dioxide was Red Bull, although it did not reach the original 5 ml mark, it did reach 4ml which is a significant amount in comparison the other energy drinks.

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The purpose of this experiment was to determine which energy drink would ferment the quickest because of the amount of sucrose that each drink contains of. Initially, the original hypothesis was that the energy drink Monster would ferment the quickest because of the drink containing more sucrose (54 grams). As the results illustrated, the hypothesis was falsified because Monster did not produce any carbon dioxide in fact, the only one energy drink that produced any carbon dioxide was Red Bull and it reached below the expected level of 5ml, the amount of carbon dioxide produced was 4ml.

There can be various reasonings as to why the experiment turned out the way it did and possible reasonings could be temperament in the drinks, such as if one was previously opened or if any step within the experiments could have gone wrong.

Energy drinks can be sweetened with a significant amount of sugar, sucrose is commonly found in many energy drinks like Monster, Red Bull, Rockstar, etc. Sucrose being a disaccharide, which is made up of two sugars, glucose and fructose are likely to produce more CO2 wad to determine the amount which of the energy drinks would ferment quickest, the initial hypothesis was that the energy drink Monster would be an initial candidate for the fastest fermentation being that it contains a significant amount of sugar.

Similar experiments done to relate and support the findings of this experiment was done by, Stephanie Lamot that found sucrose produced more CO2 at a faster rate.

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