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The Big Five Personality Traits: Review Of Literature And Reflection

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Personality plays a big part of who you are as an individual. There are many types of personality traits. In this research paper it gives you a definition of what personality is, how does someone personality affect their development. It tells you about the “Big Five” personality traits, it then goes into details about every one of them to let you know how it affect you as a person whether it’s negative or positive. It explains how personality are assessed and examples of projective and objectives of personality assessments. It has an interesting part which is a brief autobiography on my life in relation to how it contributed to my personality development. It ends with a discussion concerning strategies I will put in place to engage in reflective exercises to remain self-aware as an early childhood educator.

A Review of Literature

Personality traits are a reflection of who you are as an individual, it give others an idea of your characteristics. The big five personality traits are extroversion, conscientiousness, agreeableness, openness and neuroticism. (Pappas). Extroversion is when someone takes the pleasure in being around other people rather than being alone. (Cherry) .They are usually the center of attention, they are usually a people’s person, easy to get along with and they can be positive, cheerful and outgoing. Extroversion is a combination of both nature and nurture. People who were overly extroverted as children may find that they are more of an introvert later on in their lives as they go into adulthood.

Conscientiousness is a desire to do one’s duty and to take obligations to others seriously. (Thiel). People who conscientious tend to be well organized and have a strong sense of duty. They like to plan ahead of time which makes them not spontaneous, they are self-discipline, and they are also responsible and reliable. People who have a high level of conscientiousness can be self-efficacy, achievement-striving, perfectionist as they set excessively high performance standards and they can come across as workaholics, they tend to enjoy their work which may cause them to work a lot.

Agreeableness is when a person goes along with whatever is being said even though they don’t think it’s right, it is the quality of being pleasant and friendly(Thiel) . Agreeableness is important because it can create better relationships, it prevents arguments and it helps prevent aggression. Someone who turns out to be too agreeable can be taken advantage of because it may seem like they don’t have a mind of their own. Being too agreeable makes a person more prone to disappointment and they can worry too much about not being liked.

Openness is the quality of letting anyone in your life, it’s a lack of restriction, letting people have accessibility to your life. (Cherry). Being open allows you to learn new things, it allows people to get to know the real you, it also allows you to meet new people. Most people are afraid to be open with other people because they think others may judge them and try to use the information gain against them which may not be the case. Persons who are open minded tend to be curious, creative, adventurous and flexible.

Neuroticism is a form of emotional reaction which can be disproportionate worrying and anxiety, whereas neurotic people tend to worry about everything which may cause them to easily slip into a state of depression. (Thiel) If their lives are going all too well, they then find something to worry about. Neurotic people dwell more on the negative aspects of situation rather than the positive side of things. When they struggle with life and all the stress that comes with life, they become very frustrated and angry. They basically can’t or don’t know how to deal with obstacles that come their way. They don’t know how to deal with their emotions. Some traits of people who are neurotic are immoderate, anger, vulnerable, depression, anxiety and self-conscious.

Personality is assessed by the measurement of someone’s characteristic. Projective assessments are tests where you are shown an ambiguous image and you say the first thing that comes to your mind. It is a test that expose a person’s unconscious perceptions. (Cherry). Two examples are the Thematic Apperception Test and the Rorschach test. The Thematic Apperception Test is a test that consist of twenty cards with one being blank, each card is with an ambiguous drawing and you are then asked to tell a story about each one. This test tells the person that’s giving the test about your characteristics, personality and emotional functioning. The Rorschach test consists of ten cards of ambiguous images and your imagination. It begins with ten cards where the examiner shows you one image at a time. The examiner then ask you to describe the image you see. The examiner then record your tone of voice, reactions and your responses.

Objectives of personality assessment are tests used to restrict response format. Two examples are the Minnesota multiphasic personality inventory (MMPI) and the Rotten Incomplete Sentence Blank. The Minnesota multiphasic personality inventory which are true or false questions where you have forty incomplete sentences or question and you can either tick true or false. The other example is the Rotten Incomplete Sentence Blank where you are given a sentence with at least two-three words and the person have to finish the sentence.

I think a teacher’s personality can indeed affect student’s development and performance. I think so because education is the key to a successful life. You get an education by attending school and applying what you learn. In schools you meet teachers and a teacher knowledge and personality will in fact determine how a child cope with their studies. A teacher that is passionate about her job will make learning so much easier and fun for student. It is important that a teacher motivates and help her students, after all, school is where they spend most of their time. I think teachers should be role models to their students, they have a big impact on their students. If a teacher goes to class unprepared and with a negative attitude, her students will return the favor, they would not have the right attitude to learn which will definitely affect their performance, the teacher can either hurt or help her student’s well-being, motivation and achievement, her attitude can cause her students to be stressed. I think when a teacher expects good results from her students, she gets them and this means teachers are supposed to encourage their students rather than insult them. Students who are internally motivated to learn generally do better, you get better results.

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This is me. Who am I? My name is Kerisha Shamika Harridass. I am the third of four children. I have a little girl of my own and she is a complete joy to be around and so my story begins. I never attended preschool, I went straight to primary school at the age of five. I was always a shy individual and ever since I know myself I have been an introvert type of person. I made a couple friends in primary school and ended up with one best friend where we went onto high school together.

I was the same person there, shy and would always stick to myself, didn’t have much friends. I ended up with a bad allergic reaction in form three where the majority of the students made fun of me, including the ones I thought were my friends. They would laugh, point at me, and call me names which damage me for a while because I didn’t want to go back to school. I stick to myself even more. Things changed as time went by, I had friends, still wasn’t the popular girl and I never wanted to be anyways. I graduated and moved on with my life.

At the age of nineteen, something happened that changed my life completely. I got pregnant, it was an experience that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. During my entire pregnancy I would have a lot and I mean a lot of vivid dreams. I would wake up in pain, crying. I went into labor at seven months, my baby was alive, and he looked perfect and healthy to me. He was supposed to be in the hospital for a week, which lead to four entire months. It was the worst four months of my life, he did surgeries back to back, wires all over him, tubes and he was always on IV fluids, never drank actual milk like other babies. The doctors said they did everything for him, yet still they couldn’t find the problem. He eventually died.

I went into a state of depression, it was so horrible that I gave up on prays, I literally hated him, that phrase of my life affected my personality so much. I lost so much of who I was, I was so isolated and in a dark place, this was happening for some time. I then decided that I would like to try again with life with pregnancy and so I did. I never really fully recovered from that experience but I was going to have a baby girl, so I had to be better for her. I am still that shy, introverted young lady I was at primary school. Knowing what I know now about people and about my life, I’m more protective of myself and the people I love more than ever. I love who I am, I love my personality and I love everything about me, so I would say that my very first pregnancy has a lot to do with my personality development, it most definitely changed me.


Five strategies I will use to remain grounded or self-aware as I teach are by keeping a personal journal. It would allow me to see how I have matured and grown throughout the year. It would help me to keep track of my feelings that I was feeling at that particular day, it would also allow me to go back on certain events that happened in my life whether good or bad. It allows me to reflect on past experiences and how I dealt with it. Keeping a journal is a great way to remain self-aware and a great way to keep track of my memories.

Secondly, writing down five things I’m grateful for each day or a list of my most important tasks regularly. By writing down five things that I’m grateful for each day can make me feel so much better whether I’m in a good or bad mood. Those five things can change every day or it can remain the same but the goal is to come up with five different things each day. At the end of the week it will make me realize how many things I’m grateful for in life.

Thirdly, writing down my most important task regularly at the beginning of each day. It would help me work towards something when the day comes, so at the ending of the day I would know for sure I have made progress and that I have accomplished my daily task.

Taking a morning walk, it can help me relax, it gives me time to think, gather my thoughts and feelings. It can be a good morning exercise before starting my day. It gives me time to myself, I’ll be full of energy and in a great mood, that way I’ll want to teacher and it’s a great way to begin the long day ahead.

Lastly, I can read books, I love to read. I find it very relaxing. Reading helps improve our vocabulary, makes us smarter, keep our minds active and we can gain more knowledge. I find it very entertaining but it all depends on what I’m reading. It helps you keep up with what’s going on around you. I strongly think those five strategies would help me remain grounded and self-aware as an early childhood educator.


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