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The Effectiveness of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King as the Leaders

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Malcolm x was a violent man but his intentions were always good, he fought against racism his methods were rather violent but extremely effective, he always reminded his fellow black peers to fight for their freedom, and made them believe that violence was the right way to fight racism “by any means necessary” was one of his most famous quotes, it means that they have to be willing to do anything for their freedom, his methods were completely different from Martin Luther King’s methods, the two were never very fond of each other, I think that Malcolm x’s were more effective than Martin Luther King’s.

Malcolm was one of seven children which means that his family suffered financially in his early life he they received a lot of death threats by the kkk so they moved from town to town until they settled in lancing Michigan, where unfortunately his father lost his life at the hands of a racist group called the black legion and the threats didn’t stop, Malcolm was later on sent to a group home after his mom had a nervous breakdown and was sent to a mental health facility, he then dropped out just before high school to deal drugs and do other illegal things, he ended up doint some time in prison.

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In prison he switched his name to Malcolm x instead of Malcolm little, the x stood for blocking out racism, he then converted to the nation of islam, because he believed that Christianity was forced on the black people during the enslavement days, when he got out of prison he was a whole other man, his mindset was locked on ending racism, he couldn’t bare to see the black people suffer at the hands of the white people anymore so he took initiative, While MLK was teaching the African Americans to win this fight non violently, Malcolm x taught the opposite, he taught the black people to fight back, give them a taste of their own medicine, when they would spray black people with the fire hose, the blacks would beat them.

In the 60s Malcolm switched to Sunni Islam and embraced the civil rights movement right after he finished his pilgrimage to mecca, “el-hajj Malik el-Shabazz” was his new name when he came back to America, he later on was murdered in a meeting for one his organizations by an African American Muslim.

I think that his methods worked out really well even if they were very violent, I mean if you were in his place what would you have done, let the white people push you around and kill you or fight back. I think that if it wasn’t for him segregation would still be around, he gave black people a new identity he gave them freedom at the cost of his own life, he made a big impact on racism and it will last forever.

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