The Importance and Relevance of Cybersecurity in the Modern World

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A lot of development in devices is rapidly growing, enabling us to interact instantly worldwide. Nevertheless, not everyone in the virtual world uses ethics. In real world we have protection to prevent crimes that may occur, but also, we have cybersecurity to mitigate the digital world’s crime. Confidentiality means that only the people who have the right of access who were the one who will be able to view or read sensitive information and systems. Infringements of records are example of hackers expose information like credit cards to others. Another instance of that was spammers overload bogus requests on the site and make it slow for others. Cybersecurity is a strategy of protecting one device form virtual attacks. Usually, they attempt to access confidential information and trying to steal money. Policies in cybersecurity are very difficult to implement nowadays before hackers are becoming more innovative. To prevent these attacks experts should provide individuals tools to secure their information and prevent from hacking their devices. Cybersecurity is very important because it will prevent them from identity theft, extortion, important information might leak and other confidential data.

There are types of threats that may attack individual’s devices. First is phishing, the most common type, where the hacker sends bogus emails that look real. They aim to get confidential information like credit cards number and important accounts. Experts say you can prevent phishing by filtering spam emails. Another type of attacks is ransomware which they block you in accessing your computer system and will ask for money. Paying the said will not guarantee the system’s recovery. Malware is another type where there is an involvement of software that illegally accesses your computer and can damage it. Social engineering manipulates a person to illegally access the device. Denial-of-service attack is another method of threat wherein the hacker overloads that system which creates traffic and makes the service down. A trial and error method, called a brute force attack, is used by hackers until they access the individual’s account. A use of Trojan horse will help the attackers’ access computers. Sometime attacks can be long term which reveals the secrets of a company which often uses social engineering. Updating your computer is very important because attackers can access your computer by the unpatched software.

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To prevent attacks, it never used the same passwords for every account that contains confidential information. Know how to spot malicious emails. Always keep up to date your software and computers. Backing up files is very important. Attend seminars to expand knowledge about cyberattacks. Don’t give all your information when creating an account online. Only download files from trusted sources. Install antivirus to advance the security of your devices. Always be suspicious if the email is not trusted, don’t click links that may lead to hackers accessing your computers.

I think improving the security virtually is a very important measure most especially in our government. They need to maintain security measures to ensure the safety of individuals, our systems in finance and defense. Now cybersecurity is very relevant in today’s age. There a lot of malware, viruses and attacks that can damage and gain access to your information. Private sectors and businesses are also facing attacks which costs of millions to billions of money, or even lead to bankruptcy ones their security is down. In any individuals that logged in through the Internet are potential victims of cyberattacks. Some people are aware of these but they don’t have a strong prevention about this or worst they don’t know how to prevent it. For example, even they know that the email is malicious they even clicked right away because they are curious about it. And experts are trying hard to conduct training to people who are not knowledgeable enough about cyberattacks.

In my opinion, every individual must have a proper awareness on cyberattacks so that they can protect themselves from hackers. It can cause serios damages to individuals once an attack is done. They might lose data that are sensitive that can damage your reputation. Also, human error is one of the main reasons of breaching of data. That’s why awareness is very important. I also think password management is very helpful, non-repetition in every account is a must. A small mistake id data security can have a high chance of exploitations and can damage you. If your accounts are not properly equipped of safety measures it can give chance to hackers to access your computers that can get money from your account and may not be able to recovery it.

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