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The Importance And Technology Of Intercultural Communication

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Globalization advancements have put intercultural correspondence at the most important places of many examine. A few people concentrating on cooperation, culture and the character of social components, morals, connection and furthermore culture obstructions. Intercultural interchanges is the verbal and non-verbal associations among people from various social foundations. It implies how culture influences correspondence. It describes a major scope of correspondence procedure and issues that normally show up in the public arena from various religious, social, ethnic, act, impart and understands the world. This essay first investigates about the intercultural communities on the world. And then factors that tells the benefits of technology and intercultural communication in the professional environment.

Firstly, Intercultural communication is the ability to think, discriminate the differences, manage the experiences and build an efficient communication with individuals who are from other cultures in the multicultural world. Lots of people show a greater capacity to get different viewpoints from other socities such as international languages. Apart from this, they can integrate with other cultures (Lustig and Koester, 2009). Each part of interactions has been influenced from another part, because the behavior of the first part is having an impact on another part. Furthermore, connections among intercultural service may establish the barrier due to some dissimilarities in behavioral norms (Lustig and Koester, 2009). Thus, individuals with high integrate shows more respect and responsive for individuals from other cultures, respond to unfamiliar behaviors in a non-judgmental way without showing visible or discomfort (Sharma et al., 2012). Moreover they use their knowledge and experience about other cultures to manage various expectations and reduce the uncertainties of intercultural service encounters during the service delivery, compared to those with lower Intercultural communication Competence (Wang and Mattila 2011; Lustig and Koester, 2009). Although, interaction comfort has significant impact on achieving, a satisfactory outcome that is particularly related customers collaboration (Sharma et al., 2012). However, expectations or perceptions and interactions of customers in the service marketing literature have been tested without intercultural communication in past decades(Wang and Mattila, 2010; Yu et al., 2001).

As indicated by the University of Southern California, culture is comprehensive. However, what is worthy for culture may not be for another. In spite of what some may trust, culture is found out and regularly 'showed inside limits of worthy conduct'. Some social boundaries incorporate the constraints of conscious attention to social models (for example what is satisfactory in the US may be illicit or humiliating in other country).Furthermore, societies are continually subject to change, yet that does not really imply that change will happen. The most usually seen language contrast is the setting of verbal correspondence; in any case, nonverbal correspondence explicitly through innovation can affect language issues as much as, if not more than, verbal hindrances. Culture is connected to thoughts, beliefs, and traditions that can incorporate numerous variables (for example how an individual talks, conveys themselves, what they eat, the laws of their way of life, et al). Language is an expressive type of reasoning that can be an advantage or a hindrance when managing diverse societies. Moreover, when cultures or countries differ in behavior, culture may be integrated into theoretical and empirical research of diffusion models so that it can be evidenced that different cultural setting create highly conspicuous differences in customer behavior (Shekarchizadeh et al., 2011).

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Technology communication is another most important factor in the modern world. The most well-known and routinely utilized innovations in current world are the internet such as e-mail, instant messaging, blogs and chat rooms. Nowadays people around the world are widely independent on the technological communication because it is more effective and easy to use that saves the time and also costs. Every individual are able to talk to each other through technologies than ever before. Instant messaging is also an increasingly popular form of communication. A study by the Pew internet and American life project found that 53 million people use instant message. Instant message is a text based form of communication in which two or more people exchange text messages in real time using the internet. Today, social anxiety, social phobia and shyness are features that seen every individuals of all ages. Auter (2007) researched that some of them related to young adults and adolescents use the cell phone differently than their parents and other older users. A recent Pew internet research study found that approximately 33% of teens have a cell phone. Moreover, communication technology is a crucial role to mitigate the solve the problems of staff services quality. It provides a better information communication system provides a good communication system and shows a good image to customer which increase the e-logistic performance. It also provides the facility to design websites. In future, these communication technologies through technological will become more scientific.

Intercultural communication and technological communication has lots of advantages but on the other hand there are lots of disadvantages as well. Increasing intercultural skills and intercultural competency can decrease the incidence of overgeneralization (Varner & Beamer 2011). Alder (2008) added specific communication-related disadvantages of cultural diversity in the workplace. The impacts of cultural diversity on problem-solving, decision-making which stands or falls on the quality of the communication process. On the other hand, in technology communication problems occur when the network goes down, the technology does not work, or the team member needs more training in how to use the electronic tools. Further, face-to-face conference are also creates many problems such as people cannot express their viewpoints confidentially.

In conclusion, this essay explored the importance of intercultural communication and also technology communication. In addition, it shows that how communication plays a vital role in every individuals life in the world. Another positive effect of the communication is that people are learning about the intercultural communication and technology communication because it . Everyone is using technology for making their life easier and better communities. Moreover, it also showed some drawbacks of these communications. Overall, this essay belief that technologies positively increase intercultural communication and act as a bridge among people who are from different cultures.


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