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The Importance Of Electronics In Modern Life

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Electronics have become present in every house, and their use has become very versatile and indispensable, electronics are at the heart of human life from the simplest things he uses and ending with the most complex, such as television, radio, digital cameras, cars, airplanes, medical devices, refrigerator, microwave, computers, and many other devices that are not limited, and electronics are characterized by many advantages, and have some drawbacks,

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The benefits of electronics in our lives have saved people a lot of time, effort and money, because they mostly use savings systems. It made people's lives easier, smoother and more vibrant, and reduced distances between nations, such as the use of mobile phones and personal computers. It facilitated communication between individuals, communities and countries, deepened dialogue and approached languages, many of which relyed on translation features. You've given people a way to have fun and entertainment, through the online gaming apps you've given people to practice on electronic devices any time they want. It provided an easy way to educate people, and made communication between teacher and student very easy. Developed from the medical process and facilitated the means of treatment for patients, and contributed to the success of medical operations and performed with ease, speed and mastery. Contributed to maintaining security and security and detecting crimes through surveillance cameras. Contributed to reducing traffic accidents through light signals, speed controls and radars. Helped detect fires, thefts, security breaches and smuggling through early warning devices.

Contributed to the development of industry and factories and the development of modern networks that contribute to the development of various machines. Electronics are negative and need to know in advance how they are used, as many people are unaware of how to use the correct electronic devices. It is constantly damaged and needs maintenance. It reduced direct visual and audio communication between people and made their great reliance on communication through devices, which increased social isolation. It caused the spread of many bad habits such as stealing individuals' personal data and hacking into privacy. Electricity is highly consumed, increasing the burden of paying energy bills. It consumes a lot of time in its use, and it needs continuous development and modernization, as it has distracted students from their lessons and prevented their interaction with their peers. The gap between developed and developing countries has increased, as the production and use of electronics in some countries is significant, and in others very little, which has contributed to creating a real gap between societies. It has replaced human beings in many ways, increasing unemployment.

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