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The Peculiarities Of Arranged Marriage In Saudi Arabia

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The meaning of marriage in Saudi Arabia marriage is an integrative and interdependent relationship that combines men and women, which is a primitiveness for the person. Marriage in Islam is through a legal contract, which is done under certain conditions and methods, on the basis of which it is agreed to establish a family and protect the rights of all its members.

Islam considered marriage the only and correct way to establish a home, family and childbearing, and to set standards and pillars for proper marriage with the purpose of creating a healthy society free of psychological problems and contract. For starting a true family life is to choose the good person to live with, that is not just going to impact you, but it impacts the society. Our marriage is done by parents and relative, so we do not have marriage by love.

If a man wanted to marry, he has to tell his mother that he wants to marry. Then, his mother will go to looking for a women suitability for her son. Because the traditions in my country that the women have to cover up their bodies and faces for strange men that they able to marry her, and that why mothers looking for a bride for their sons. What are the specifications that the man wants in his future wife and on the basis of which the mother chooses for her son the right wife? She has to has a religion, good personality, realize the meaning of married life, which is achieved by the arrival of the girl to a degree of maturity and awareness at all levels of life, especially the requirements of marital relationship, and compatibility between the couple intellectual and educational integration, and finally the beauty. The mother asks her relatives and friends for girls to marriage and for specific age. If she finds one, the mother is going to make appointment with girl’s family. In that day, she is meeting the girl in their house. If she does not like her, she is going to find other one but, if the mother likes the girl, now the mother tells them that she is going to see her son and let them know.

After that the mother going to describe the girl for him, if he says yes, then they are calling the family to ask the girl about him. The girl’s family going to ask about that guy who’s going to marry their daughter, if he is a good guy then they say yes to him. Then the families make a meeting for the guy to see the girl on girl’s house. Traditionally, it is referred as “shawfa”, meaning “the seeing”. The guy able to see her without covering up her body by our tradition dress and her hair. Also, they sit to know each other in this day. Also, on this day guy’s father consults with girl’s father about the dowry. The dowry is not only money, but jewelry, perfumery, incense, and some have special nests and cattle for the bedouin. And the value of the dowry can be reasonable and sometimes very expensive. It is at the request of girl’s father, and this guy cannot provide all this amount to marry and this is the reason for many spinsterhood and delay marriage to some young people. And not only to pay the dowry but also the costs of the wedding ceremony, engagement and honeymoon. This is a big problem in our current society. Saudi Arabia is known for its luxurious wedding parties. If you look at this in the past, we will see that it is different: in the value of the dowry and the parties and some customs and traditions. Such customs: Now the girl wants to know the man talking to him for a period of time before the marriage. But in the past, it did not exist, and they married without knowing or seeing each other. But also, some families have this belief even with the evolution of time and generation. For example, my father still has this belief and I was married in this belief 5 years ago.

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Marriage contract

In the Arab world there must be a contract to prove this marriage and to achieve this contract. There must be conditions and these conditions are: a blood analysis to examine the genetic diseases and other diseases, second must be the age of the couple suitable for marriage in the sense that it must be 18 years or above, finally there must be 4 witnesses to witness this contract. Women can also arrange what she want in this contract, for example: an independent home or a continuation of study and so on. Also, she can put back of the value of money, if he wants to divorce pays her this amount required.

In Saudi Arabia, the wedding ceremony is a fairy tale altogether because it involves two different but concurrent ceremonies. The men and women do not party together. The actual wedding ceremony may go on for two days. The first day is a farewell single party. The bride on this day wears the sari and the gusts singing and celebrating. The ceremony day begins at night. The women reserve their own hell separately from the men. The bride in the wedding day has to wear a white dress, and because the women have their own hell, they can wear anything they want. The groom wears traditional Saudi dress, “white robe, white headdress with iqal or something to keep the headdress on, and finally a bisht, which is a long cover.”

Traditionally, the main wedding ceremony is regarded as a woman thing, but the men tend to have a party where they have dinner together and sometimes dance traditionally. One of the most common traditional dances is known as the sword dance where men dance holding swords. At 12 on the night, the groom goes to women hell to his bride, before he enters, his mother tells the gusts to cover themselves up. Then, he enters to take photo shoots with his bride and cut the wedding cake. Mostly, the ceremony end at two on the morning.

When we come to compare marriage in Saudi Arabia and marriage in America it is quite different. America is a city of freedom and has its own customs and traditions. The Saudi people now want to change customs to Western habits, making them more free. This could be good for the progress of civilizations.

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