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The Person Who Most Influenced My Life

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I have met many people in my life, but the one person I have grown to love and cherish is my partner. I enjoy reminiscing my time spent with him the most, because he has become my most precious gem, my diamond in the ruff. He was born and raised in Torrance California. He is 6 feet tall and has the most beautiful hazel-colored eyes. He wears his heart on his sleeve and would give the shirt off his back to those in need. He has been one of the most influential people in my adult life. I am a very fortunate person, because I have met precisely that man, who changed my life to the best I could have ever imagined. We started dating five years ago and since then my partner has been a positive example in many ways for me. He has impacted me in three key ways: he has supported me in gaining a better education, to stay connected with my adult children, and he has taught me to be a better cook.

First, my partner inspired me to value education. Up until my youngest child moved into her own home, I had not given education for myself a single thought. My middle child asked me to go to college with her. After a lot of thinking, and the loving support of my partner I made the decision to go to college with my daughter. Watching my partner work full-time as a brilliant contractor and still preparing for his contractor’s license, I realized it was time for me to pursue a career. My partner made me realize that education is the key to becoming independent and successful.

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Next, the relationships he formed with my children is very special. There are times I find myself asking my partner to help me with important life-changing decisions that involve my children. Although my children are from my previous marriage, my partner has been there for them more than their biological father has been. He and my children are complete opposites; sometimes even too much, and yet he supports them in every way. I appreciate what he has done for us and still doing with honest smiles on his face. Now I realize how important relationships between parents and children are.

Finally, food, oh I love food. I have never been much of a cook myself, most of the time my ex-husband and my children would do the cooking and in exchange I did the clean-up. I have never paid much attention to the process how dishes were made; I would just enjoy eating them. My partner, however, would always notice small details about food he ate and would try to prepare it at home if he loved it. He is fond of cooking, and he cooks well, without even looking for recipes, he just feels it. At first, I was amazed by it and enjoyed everything he cooked. Later I started to pay attention to his cooking and tried to do it myself. After a lot of practice finally I cooked my first full course Mexican dinner meal. It was delicious and looked very beautiful almost like on the magazine pictures. After, I ‘owned’ Mexican cuisine! Although it was not easy, I began to enjoy cooking for him. Now I don’t just love food, I also love cooking.

In conclusion, for each of us there is one person who has made a difference in our lives; my life has been influenced by my partner. I have become a better person myself, who wants to learn and achieve goals in my life. For instance, knowing how hard my partner works on his career goals, makes me want to work hard as well. Now I am working on my bachelor’s degree in the field of Human Services and have confidence in my future. I also began to spend more quality time with my children and I feel it works great for all of us. Finally, I can prepare some delicious food for my partner when to eat when he gets home after work. I can say with confidence that the best thing that ever happened to me is my partner. I have grown to love this man as my vivacious, adventurous, tender hearted best friend. I will be forever grateful for the quality time the two of us have shared and continue to share. My partner continually reminds me what is most important is that we live a life of love and laughter. Since meeting Darin, I have been reminded many times when it comes to the heart, ‘Blood is not thicker than water!’.

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