The Planet's Greatest Chronograph and Moon Landing: Descriptive Essay

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It is not too late to go straight to the point. If you call OMEGA Super master the planet's greatest chronograph, I don't think there is any doubt. Because from the perspective of landing on the moon, no chronograph can compare with Super master. Super master has been on the moon, while other watches have not. For this reason, OMEGA is the world's most popular and best-selling chronograph. The important reason is that OMEGA is super-powered, and it is always in mass production, and the price is not so high, so the circulation is very large, and there are many people to buy.

Super master is actually divided into two types, one is manual super-master, and the other is an automatic super-master.

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The OMEGA Moonlight Superman refers to the manual override of the manual chord chronograph movements of the 321/861/1861 (different movements used in different ages). An unusual practice of OMEGA is that from the 1957 manual è to the world, to today's 2017, OMEGA is always producing manual moon landing super. In contrast, Rolex stopped the production of the manual winding Daytona after the automatic winding of the Daytona, so there is only one type of Daytona in the current Rolex catalog, while OMEGA has both manual and automatic. Super fighter. Because of the continuous production and maintenance of the technical characteristics of the original watch, the manual moon landing super-buy we now buy on the market is completely a direct descendant of the lunar watch, pure blood. At the same time, because of continuous mass production, this allows OMEGA to manually maintain a reasonable price for the moon, as long as you are willing, you can buy a pure OMEGA moon table at any time and at no cost. (The benefit of OMEGA's approach is that it benefits the majority of players; the downside is that the value of many antique super fighters has shrunk. The current public price for the manual moon landing super is 30,000 or 40,000 yuan)

The core of OMEGA's story of the Moon's Super Moon is that it was brought to the moon by Armstrong (the watch was left in the space capsule). Everyone knows this story, I will not repeat it. What I am going to do today is to share with you the methods of distinguishing various versions of the Moon. Because OMEGA has introduced various versions of the Moonlight Super master, different versions of the Moonlight Super master have different characteristics, which symbolize the different moon landings.

Feature 1: Broad Sword

  • Features Source: The first generation of OMEGA Super

In 1957, OMEGA's first generation of super chronographs was born. The biggest feature of the first generation of super chronographs is the 'wide sword pointer (hour hand)'. We can clearly see that the hour hand of the first generation OMEGA Speedmaster Chronograph is a huge 'arrow'. This 'arrow'-like hour hand is called the 'wide sword pointer'. In the current market, some watch manufacturers sell OMEGA watches, in order to promote the description, sometimes the old OMEGA hippocampus 300 meters diving watch pointer is called broad sword pointer because it is indeed like a sword, But this is wrong. Here, please pay attention to new players, the first big OMEGA manual super fighter 'big arrow' is the real 'wide sword', once in any super chronograph, see the watch's hour hand is a huge 'arrow' That is, 'wide sword', then this super chronograph is based on the design of the first generation super tyrant in 1957.

Feature 2: Alpha Pointer

  • Features Source: The second generation of OMEGA Super master (the first super-master into space)

The second generation of Super master was launched in 1959. The second generation of Super master is OMEGA's first watch to enter space. Please note that it is into space and has not yet landed on the moon. Because when the astronauts entered the space, they wore an OMEGA second-generation super fighter. This watch is his personal belongings. The biggest feature of the second generation Super master is the change of the pointer. The 'wide sword' pointer is replaced by the 'alpha' pointer, which is the diamond-shaped slender pointer. What we need to pay attention to is that we can see that not only the hour and minute, the second generation OMEGA Supermaster's timing, scoring, small seconds, all the pointers are alpha pointers (except the central timing big seconds). This is the biggest feature of the second generation of Super master. At present, a number of OMEGA manual super chronographs are on sale, using the characteristics of the second generation of super tyrants. As long as we see the alpha pointer, we can know that this watch is a second-generation super.

Feature 3: Rod pointer

  • Features Source: The third generation OMEGA Super master (boarding the moon to the moon)

The third generation of OMEGA Super master is the moon landing super fighter on the moon. The story must be familiar to everyone. NASA hopes to prepare a watch for astronauts as a backup timing tool. Therefore, several chronographs have been selected from the United States for testing. OMEGA's local US agents provide the third generation of Super master. Also tested with the third-generation Super master are Rolex, Longines, and Bulova. NASA tests these watches at 70 degrees, 93 degrees, minus 18 degrees, and humidity greater than 95% (each temperature lasts for several hours) and tests for 40G acceleration and vibration. Finally, Only OMEGA's third-generation Super master is still running, and the other watches are gone, so the Super master and the astronauts were chosen to board the Moon together. The biggest feature of the third-generation super-master is that the pointer is replaced with a stick-shaped pointer. Note that on the watch, in addition to the central large chronograph second hand, the hour hand minute hand, and the sub-dial small hand are replaced with stick pointers. Currently, on the market, the moon is over the top, most of them are such pointers.

Feature 4: Crown Shoulder

  • Characteristics of the source: the fourth generation of super fighter (the first time the professional word on the dial appeared super fighter)

At present, the OMEGA manual moon-going super-masters on the market are mostly based on the fourth-generation super-master. The fourth-generation OMEGA Moonlight Super is very similar to the previous third-generation Moonlight Super. The biggest difference is two. One is the watch crown and the chronograph button shoulder; the other is the professional on the watch surface. Professional) typeface. Among them, the shoulder guard is the biggest feature of the fourth generation super fighter and modern super fighter. In fact, starting from the fourth-generation super-master, the super master's case is asymmetrical, because the right side of the case is thickened, forming a crown and a chronograph button shoulder. So once we see the moon-capped super-heavy shoulder with shoulder pads, we can know that this is a modern super-hegemony, and there is no super-hegemony for shoulder-shoulders. Let me give you an example. You can compare it. OMEGA is now selling the Super Dark Moon and Super Blaster 57. We can see that the Super Blaster 57 does not have a shoulder guard and uses the 'wide sword pointer'. Obviously, this chronograph imitates the first generation super fighter; the dark side of the moon uses a stack pointer and has a shoulder guard, which is obviously a super-hegemon that draws on the modern (fourth generation) characteristics.

Feature 5: Rocket Needle

  • Features Source: Alaska Planner

OMEGA has an Alaska plan after the fourth generation of the moon. OMEGA uses the name 'Alaska' to confuse business opponents in case others see through them. OMEGA is actually trying to develop a perfect space chronograph. Can withstand the low-temperature environment in outer space. So the prototype table was created through the Alaska plan. The Alaska Plan Prototype is characterized by the addition of a red aluminum casing (removable) to the outside of the watch, while the 30-minute chronograph hand and the 12-hour chronograph hand of the watch's small chronograph dial use a special 'rocket hand'. The Rocket Pointer is the biggest feature of the OMEGA Alaska Planner. Later, NASA canceled the Apollo 18 to Apollo 22 moon landing plan. So OMEGA's Alaska Super master didn't use it at all. Until then, OMEGA introduced a replica table. Therefore, as long as you see the 'rocket pointer' super game, it is the characteristics of the Alaska plan.

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