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The Risks Of Anti-vaccine Movement

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Anti vaccine movement is a social movement where anti vaccine activists dissent over the use of vaccine and vaccine activists protest and create awareness about why it’s a threat to the society. The problems arising from the anti-vaccine movement, where people protest against the use of vaccines and how this movement can result in critical health diseases. For instance, numerous parents are preventing their children from getting vaccinated due to the concern that it could become risky, like, it “causes” autism or due to their personal or philosophical reason.

This social movement demonstrates the problems anti-vaccine activists are going for and the health issues non-vaccinated individuals could face which has to be overseen. Measles is a harmful disease which resulted in numerous death in Europe. The project suggests that people or children are refraining from being vaccinated has the risk of outbreaks and health issues, and is claimed to be one of the global threats.


The anti-vaccine movement has been circulating often, mostly on the internet, regarding people’s different beliefs of the cause of vaccination. People have been debating which method is safe and ethical. Generally, social and political issues consistently keep me curious, so I wanted to discover more insights about vaccination and the entire issue.

Moreover, there are ways to investigate and document the issue by acknowledging and contrasting unvaccinated people with vaccinated people, and to seek for scientifically-proven theories. This project shall allow the readers to grasp and gain further knowledge of this specific cultural issue in a clear and organized idea and interpretation.


In essence, I will have to research further regarding the topic, investigate and utilize authentic scientific informations and inquire doctors’ opinions, though, I have ensured to have plenty of knowledge by reading books, articles and videos about the significance and the other aspects of vaccination and the anti-vaccine movement, yet, I think it requires more research for better. In addition, a great idea would be is to seek for people’s opinions and awareness in their own perspective, especially the two sides of the issue. Necessarily, using technical disciplines is a great way to showcase the project, overall.

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First and foremost, it will be a splendid idea to go with literature considering writing is a great opportunity to help readers comprehend the subject matters and issues.

Secondly, using illustration will be beneficial for this project since digital art has its uniqueness to illustrate ideas and messages.

Lastly, I would love to take the approach to go with web production by combining all of the technical discipline above with creating a website to form a final adept project.


Taking everything into consideration, it’s crucial to point out why the anti-vaccine movement is one of the global threats in the world and the fact that it’s prompting people to believe that vaccination is harmful or problematic.

From my point of view, this project will be able to enable readers to have a grasp on this particular social movement, the dark sides of prevention and the perspective of anti-vaccine activists further. Nonetheless, there are more reasons and stories behind this movement which implies that there is so much more to discover and to comprehend both sides regarding this topic.

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