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The Role of Microorganisms In Humans Life

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Microorganisms are small, as the name implies, they can't be viewed in the naked eye without the help of a microscope and techannly microbes are organisms that are microscopic. They are present in all living organisms and are responsible for producing energy sources like nitrogen and carbon etc.While a few microbes are harmful in their nature, other microorganisms are incredibly salutary in all aspects of human life.

Anton van Leeuwenhoek was the first microbiologist to study muscle fibres, bacteria, spermatozoa and originally. Leeuwenhoek discovered protozoa, or what he called animalcules, a single- cell organism that comes in different shapes and measurements. It wasn't until the late nineteenth century when the Anton Lee germ hypothesis of sickness became commonly acknowledged.

Microscopic organisms are all around us and our environment is incomplete without microbes. People are surprised to find out that our body contains ten times more microorganisms and bacteria than human cells. Besides, these microorganisms are a crucial part of the ecosystem and the process of decomposition.

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How to identify if you are using a beneficial microbe or not, a particular way to find out is by the outcome of the action of organic material. Salutary microorganisms produce a practical effect that benefits human welfare like fermentation. While pathogenic, microorganism cause putrefaction. Putrefaction is a process where harmful substance are such as hydrogen sulfiide, ammonia and oxidant etc.

The negative effect some microorganisms have on human,plant and animal are by invade the very cell that contain more compound living organisms like parasite and algae etc. Pathogens are specific microorganisms that cause the majority of infections and the few diseases that cause pathong are polio, mumps, cholera etc.A few microorganisms need a transport to send the disease in the host. Protozoa Plasmodium vivax is a good example where the bears Anopheles mosquitoes send the disease to the host. One inside the host then plasmodium begin destroying the red platelets.

As discussed, the many ways the microorganisms are salutary for human welfare are the production of many food which won't be possible without the help of microscopes organisms. They are used to increase the fertility of soil and are in the substance used in the manufacture of bread, curd, wine and alcohol etc. Another example is yeast, which is commonly used in creating substance like wine and alcohol in a process called fermentation. Yeast in addition is applied in the baking industry.

In conclusion, microorganisms are all around us and are a very important component of life on earth. With the help of researchers have microscopic organisms improved and positively contribute to the human welfare. Among all microbes, some are harmful and diseases causing pathogen other include salutary microbe that are more beneficial and harmful to human.

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