The Romantic Era: Music, Literature and Art

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Romanticism was a time that deeply changed the physical and listening art during the nineteenth century. Romantic music is an era of Western, classical music that started in the late 18th or the beginning of the early 19th century. It has a connection with Romanticism which began as a response to the neoclassical love for logical analysis and forms that very dominating in the century before. The inventive and very unique people that started and pushed for artistry independence are known as romanticists. This movement affected every shape of art and music all over Europe then advanced to the United States and other parts of the world.

One very important piece of art that comes to mind is ‘The Raft of the Medusa’. This particular piece of art signifies hopelessness and terrible agony. The painting of Theodore Gericault, a French artist, known as the ‘The Raft of the Medusa' describes a scene of severe agony and hopelessness. The typical French work illustrates an approaching storm at sea warning the powerless and hungry remnants of ship wreckage. Romantic painters the likes of Gericault used the bold colors and chose to draw their course in motion rather than motionless drawn representations. Romantic artists prefer to use bold tone colors as it is a description of a particular musical instrument.

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With the extension of the tone color, there was the addition of a new apparatus to the orchestra which included the triangle, big amount of percussion, tuba, celesta and concert harp, and a piano lookalike. With the great orchestral aesthetic taste, songwriters could easily come up with affectionately good music. One of the music composers that made good use of the symphony was Pyotr Tchaikovsky. His music in illustration of Romeo and Juliet's story catches the intense emotions of the two young lovers and the extent of the battle between the two families.

Romantics frequently developed arts established on current happenings particularly those associated with politics. One such example is Ludwig van Beethoven's third orchestra. It was initially composed to praise Napoleon Bonaparte, a man that Beethoven held in high regard to for his self-governing attributes. Beethoven then later tore the page with Napoleon's loyalty in annoyance after him acknowledging himself emperor. Beethoven then renamed his work ‘Heroic symphony' which acclaimed remembrance of a Great Man by the nickname ‘The Eroica'. The harmony was one of the ancient respected works of art. The Gericault's painting together with the music of ‘Heroic Symphony' includes deep verbalization of emotions from cheery to sadness within no time.

‘The Raft of Medusa' was also established on a current occurrence of the much-disputed 1816 shipwreck that belonged to a French naval craft. In that wreck, the ship captain and the chief seagoing officer rescued themselves leaving behind 147 commuters, and only 15 of them managed to escape death.

Democratic beliefs carried away the continent and patriotism or nationalism developed into an essential determinant in supporting the rebellious exercise. As civilians rebelled, the modern painters assisted in advertising patriot programs via their art by praising the revolutionary activities. The revolt uncrowned King Charles X. A few Romantic era creators the likes of Frederic Chopin from Poland composed music that advocated for nationalism by assimilating folk tune. Other songwriters such as Clara Wieck Schumann composed songs with symbolic political words of a song, for instance, the song ‘Forward'. The song’s title belonged to the German’s motto for their socialist motion which became their rallying chant at the time of governmental manifestation of the year 1848 and 1849 (Bowie, 2012).

Trying to capture the strength and physical attractiveness of nature was an inviting dispute for the musicians as well as artists. The composer from Czech by the name Bedrich Smetana included both the nationalism and nature arguments in his piece ‘Die Mojdau’ which carries the audience on a musical excursion ahead river Vltava. Smetana enlightens the river sounds with a tender and reverberating melody produced by the orchestral strings. Nature was an origin of poetic enthusiasm and gave a religious measure or aspect to life established on a natural association between man and the character in local society.

A romantic planet is a vital changing world. Whenever there is the presence of beauty, it is short-lived because of competence and intense weather. Intensity is present in humans too. Romanticism is the insistence of sensation, intense emotion, and insights. It is different from the 18th century that was established on a rational analysis in addition to thoughts plus it is worldwide as everybody makes use of corresponding science of reasoning but with intuition, feelings, and with passion individuals differ as it is quite egocentric and narrow. Passion is one vital essential feature of romanticism (Labbe, 2003). By Nietzsche, a great sensation is “past good and the bad”. Keats' ‘Isabella’ or the ‘Pot of Basil' takes place in Italy. Isabella's lover murdered by his brothers where she then digs up the grave and takes her lover's head. She hides the head in a basil container with a flower and as she weeps daily the flower blossoms beautifully. The story illustrates the attachment of love and death. Dialectics is the existing standard at the heels of entirety with doctrinal reawakening and the idealized style.

In romanticism existence there comes an eruption of edifying loyalty. The romanticism of the Germans bloomed from indigenous kinds of literature. In ‘The Idiot Boy' by Wordsworth handled the regular life. It is about a lady in need of drugs for her ailing baby, so she sends that idiot young man (Lacoue-Labarthe, & Nancy, 1988). The writer's goal symbolized the first strong emotions of a human character. Walter Scott who came up with Waverley in the year 1814 and Ivanhoe in 1819 contributed to a feeling of history with precise individuality analysis brought about by archival faces. The plan talks of principles' disagreement of decisions made by a young and sentimental guy in a moment of desperation. Scott tried to indicate harmony between optimism and facts of existence.

According to Todorov's theories, du symbol of the year 1977, Romanticism stresses on imagination or artistry unlike in the 18th century. Before, art was a simulation and mimicry. A procedure was followed in choosing the stuff that had illustration importance. From the romanticism point of view, art is the development of an entity. It does not emulate character, but instead, it delights in it. It is a different kind of existence. Same as nature, art is essential completeness in both the mode and signification. Coleridge described extravagant and artistry or imagination in the Biographia Literaria. Artistry representation can be in many forms, like a God, an inventor, or a curse (Rosenblum, & Jason, 1984).

The songwriters used various techniques. One was the chromatic harmony where the curve or harmony borrowed the chromatic scale. The second technique is rubato distinctive romantic music that assists in adding passion to a piece of melody by repressing the rhythm. The last one is a thematic transformation in the case where the musical aspects of a subject matter change when that idea is paraphrased in an ensuing motion.

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