The School System's Role Of Moral Development

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In American school systems, the biggest issue is should religion be allowed in the schools. In this debacle schools essential put a magnifying glass on educators. Today, schools are more worried about test scores than the student. Jacomijn C a professor at the VU University of Amsterdam, in The Netherlands said, “Schools should contribute to the identity development of their students by paying attention to the personal views and beliefs” (347). Michael Ferrari said that the “Root of our moral identity and personality resides in our deepest feelings” (342). So, think of your morality and values as your “attitude,” if your attitude stinks then so will what you do. This paper will discuss the argument of the American school systems role in the moral development of students, by analyzing data from various credible sources.

Nava Maslovaty in her book, The Placement of Moral Contents: Priorities and Structures of the Belief System of Teachers and High School Students. Said, “Cultures differ both in their definitions of moral values and in their educational focus” (111). In America, the definition of Moral Education is the aggregate of features and traits that form the individual nature of some person or thing( In the united states, in 1980’s in America the phrase moral education was changed to character because the religious affiliation of the name “moral education” ( Today, we must be careful on what we say and how we say it because it is very easy to offend someone in society.

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The role of the school in moral education is to help the students determine right from wrong and educate the students in key values relating to right and wrong. These key values may include but not limited to integrity, civility, honesty, tradition, leadership, excellence, and service. In the following paragraph is a textual example from the article teacher and education by Joe Brownlee et al.

“Kuhn and Weinstock (2002) argued that by age five, most children are on their way to developing a multiplicity or subjectivist personal epistemology, where differing beliefs are accepted as the result of others’ different experiences. This early version of subjectivism is judged against a right or wrong (absolutist) view of reality (Hofer, 2005). This means that children at this stage are capable of accepting beliefs different to their own, but their reasoning is often based on the idea that one person must not have been given the correct information (Kuhn & Weinstock, 2002). By the age of seven or eight years, children start to see knowledge as an interpretation of the world, accepting and appreciating that individuals can hold different views about the same thing, however what they do not yet grasp is that all knowledge is ambiguous and that diversity of opinion is central to knowing (Chandler et al.,2002). By middle to late childhood children begin to develop a constructivist theory of mind, where knowledge is viewed as a personal construction (Carpendale & Chandler, 1996). This development demonstrates an increase in epistemological understanding, as children begin to view knowledge as something that is created by human minds (Kuhn & Weinstock, 2002).” (Brownlee et al., 442)

In the excerpt in the paragraph above the study showed that as the human mind grows older and becomes more developed, so des the capability of being able to comprehend and understand more complicated constructs of ideas including morals and moral constructs.

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