The Significance of Health Promotion

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Health promotion is a way in which information can be wider spread to individuals for them to make informed choices about choosing a healthier lifestyle. to consider taking actions to irradiate or prevent commonly known illnesses. Some of the models that have been constructed to help health care workers aid individuals in a way that is person centered these are the stages of change model, the health belief model, biopsychosocial.

The Biopsychosocial model of health was first derived in 1977 by George.L.Engel for physician to use this new model as an holistic approach to health, looking at an individual’s biology as well as social factors and also psychological factors to determine their route of illness. Firstly, looking at the ’bio’ biological part of this model, to look at the patient’s genetic makeup such as physical health, gender, genetic vulnerability and low immunity. (Varnekar, 2019).

Secondly, to look at the psychological aspect of the model and persons health, using emotions and behaviors the could potentially manifest an illness (Physiopedia, 2019) such as depression, if it’s been suppressed. Finally, the third component is to look at the social concept of the model as the individual engages with relationships, a working environment, social environment and peer group, all of these could have impact on the individual’s health (wiseGEEK, 2019).

Other models used is the stages of change model also known as the transtheoretical model. The Transtheoretical Model (Prochaska & DiClemente, 1983; Prochaska, DiClemente, & Norcross, 1992) is an integrative, biopsychosocial model to conceptualize the process of intentional behavior change. The breakdown of this model includes.

  • Pre-contemplation - this is the stage where the individual Is unaware of any illness or lacks knowledge surrounding the illness.
  • Contemplation - individual’s aware of a problem being present and wanting to take action in regards to resolving the illness.
  • Preparation - Individual’s plan on taking action for this in a near future but have been unsuccessful in previously trying.
  • Action - individuals make significant lifestyle changes to their behavior, environment and experience, this stage requires severe commitment, time and energy. (Sussex, Herne and Scourfield, 2008)

Maintenance – this is now there process that the individual with have see change and now has to maintain this goal and also consider all things gained over this period.

Although in diagrams this model is often represented as a circle, however many individuals may have to repeat this process to achieve thr end goal, so could be looked at as spiral rather than the circle. (Allen,2019)

Health beliefe model summersie and write here 6 diff factors

When comparing two of these models the stages of change mode and the biopsychosocial model, they both share same values but bot models have different opinions on health. Whereas The stages of changes model focuses on the prediction of behaviours around the health choices of individuals, whereas the bio model of health has a more of holistic approach. Looks at multiple aspects of the individual and looking at other factor that contribute to poor health management.

The similarities of the models are that they are both used by healthcare professionals in health promotion to target health conditions and disease management. Both models look widely at promoting health, educating, empowering, providing specific medical information, social and behavioral influences.


In a recent set task for promoting a health need for awareness of Prader-willi syndrome, a campaigned aimed at educating people on this syndrome so less stigma involved.

Campaign objectives were to widely spread the knowledge of this syndrome throughout health care and society, so it becomes a more commonly known health problem and also for people living with the syndrome to be more easily integrated into society with few limitations and assumptions from people that aren’t educated enough on the matter.

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Prader- willi syndrome is easily connected to both models mainly looking behaviors and management of the syndrome.

Stages of change offers a behavioral technique for individuals to self-efficiency, their own condition. This was first proposed to the parents of the newly diagnosed as a way to manage the aspect of the disease such as feeding and behavioral issues associated with the syndrome. Firstly, coming to terms with the syndrome itself and understanding its long-term effects, as at present there is no cure this links to the per-contemplation and contemplation stage of the stages of change model.

The preparation part of the model is to assist parents of the newly diagnosed, offering support via a wide community of support groups, online forums and specialist care centers.

Actioning things learnt via the support given can aid the person living with Prader-willi syndrome a more meaningful life things to consider when enforcing actions is nutritional value and the motivation to move more, the individual will have a sluggish metabolism a factor associated with the syndrome. Parents to also educate the individual on the syndrome so they can learn to self help and be assisted to make informed decisions on their own health

Keeping this a consistent routine through life progress this then teaches the individual living with Prader- willi syndrome the value of their own life and what to do to maintain it. All of this also relates the biopsychosocial model especially in the biological aspect as this syndrome is heavily weighed on genetics and the vulnerabilities around this.

The promotion In hand supported both models and the education around the syndrome, providing education of the biological effect, enabling empowerment for the individuals living with the syndrome and families supporting them, also as a social aspect to raise awareness as is a 1 in 25,000 births are effected.

The sources that was a used for the health promotion of Prader – willi syndrome was pwsauk website the information provided was very extensive thought out the life of a individual living with the syndrome, with a breakdown of care for all parents, Gps , and healthcare workers, after liaison with a fundraising administrator this lead to signposting back to the original website, little support was there.

Information was provided in the form of bulk text, not in a desired format for easy readability. However self-publications were made to summaries information of the syndrome and the interactive promotion allowing information to be taken away in the format provided on these proved better readability, bright colours to engage audience along with pictures and diagrams to help in relation the health campaign.

Had leaflets been provided by the leading organization used to support the syndrome to attending individuals the information could have been carried over thus wide spreading the objectives of this campaign.

Having the aims to wide spread the knowledge of this syndrome the pitched audience could have been more of a mixed demographic, however was pitched to a younger adolescent audience, this then making this promotion unsuccessful in management due to the audience.

In conclusion, the health promotion delivered key specific medical information. Feedback was gathered and attendees felt they retained the information delivered, this enabling education and awareness. However, the attending audience as previously spoken about, made this promotion unsuccessful. The aims of the campaign were met through the information delivered but was not successful in meeting the intended objectives and requires much bigger audience those including parents, healthcare professional and care givers. To summaries overall the health promotion was to raise awareness and educate of the rare genetic syndrome to a wider spread audience and reduce stigma involved around this.

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