Thoughts on the Movie 'Freedom Writers'

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‘Freedom Writers’ is a drama movie was released on 2007 and directed by Richard LaGravenese. This movie is based on a true to life story of Erin Gruwell with her freshmen students in 1994. The movie happened in Woodrow Wilson High School which they encounter difficulties and problem because of their differences, it was extremely chaotic inside and outside of the classroom because of having a racial tension. Erin Gruwell starts to teach in Room 203, she motivates the student to have interest on education, she gave a book to her students and assign to tell their own story, experiences or somehow that they can relate to their lives.

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I want to start with the characters, Hilary Ann Swank as the teacher and the students as the freedom writers, not to mention their names, because there are a lot of them in the movie, that's why. Actually, I don’t have any issue about the characters. In fact, I really like them, especially the teacher Erin Gruwell who helped students to cope up their lives in difficult times. I was so amazed that students in the movie have their own experiences in life and hardship which shows how they are determined to overcome obstacles and how they’ve changed. This film is very motivational not only for students, but also for other people. It was an eye-opening to the reality which shown in the movie, what people are experiencing now like poverty, people who live in a street, the color of people, crimes, gang culture, etc. As the movie went on it started pretty well, my only concern when watching movie, especially kids, parental guidance is needed due to some scene has violence action. After watching the movie this made me realized that everyone around us has their own battle, so let always check on them like what Erin Gruwell did, and I’m telling you, that you can truly relate to this movie.

My final thoughts about the film are that I personally enjoy watching this movie, the precision of the camera the design, setting and the acting of the characters it was all ideal and realistic. It was pretty on point it shows how the real world is. Actually, you could learn something from his movie and made you realize about life. Would I recommend this to someone? Literally yes, I would highly recommend this movie, especially to the teenagers like me.

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