Vitamins as Nutrients Essential for Health

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Although the human body is made up of many different tissues, they are all based on cells. Tens of thousands of chemicals in these cells are responsible for the growth, repair and health of the human body and the energy they need. Proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, etc., are needed for the body's growth, repair, and health. The body derives these from the food you eat. The body needs oxygen and oxygen to get the energy it needs to perform other functions. The body takes the darasam (flour) from the food. The necessary oxygen is taken out of the breath air. This is the basic mechanism of the human body. It is now very detailed and subtle.

But until about 200 years ago, nothing about the diet of the human body was found. Humans were only aware that certain foods could help the body. It is not known what foods are in the food.

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Later, in the late nineteenth century, the development of chemical analysis of materials began to develop. Thus, it is possible to extract naturally available materials in their clean form, to detect their chemical structure and to produce them in an artificial way. As a result of that development, researchers have been able to extract the nutrients from the food into their clean form. As such, it is also possible to more accurately examine how the nutrients extracted in clean form work in the body.

In the same way, at the beginning of the twentieth century, researchers found that dietary supplements such as tamarind (protein), protein, fat, and minerals were essential for the health of the body. These foods are extracted in their clean form and their chemical composition is detected. Similarly, methods of synthesizing them were also found. At the beginning of the twentieth century, some researchers were experimenting with the feeding of these nutrients in their clean form and examining how they function in the body. However, when they tested these diets only in their clean form in the required quantities, the researchers found that they were rapidly declining. Therefore, they concluded that other than these food supplements, certain dietary supplements are required for very low survival. Such unidentified foods have been named Accessory Food Factors. Researchers then began to become more active in their efforts to identify those dietary factors.

Vitamin is a nutrient that is essential for health. Most vitamins play an important role in metabolism. Therefore, when important vitamins are depleted, some important metabolic processes do not occur. Thus, the body suffers in many ways.

Vitamins are somewhat similar to hormones and enzymes in the way they function. But there is a difference in the way they are available. That is, the body prepares hormones and enzymes for use in other foods that we consume. But, our body cannot produce vitamins like that. Our body has lost its ability to make vitamins (other creatures have that ability). Therefore, our body needs the same form of vitamins. This means that we need to provide our body with vitamins. The nutrients our body needs in preparation for this are called vitamins. For this reason, a substance that is a vitamin for us is not a vitamin for other organisms. This means that other organisms do not need that material in preparation. It is made from other substances in the body of the organism.

Vitamins, therefore, can be said to be essential nutrients that our body needs. Vitamins are usually needed in very small amounts by our body. It is only when they are not available that the human body suffers from such a shortage.

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