The Importance of Vitamin E for Health

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Vitamin E is a soluble fat nutrient and acts as an antioxidant. Which means it protects the body from damage resulting from free radicals. Free radicals cause harm to tissues, tissues and organs. It prevents clogging of blood vessels. Vitamin E is important because it boosts your immune system, fight bacteria and viruses.

Causes and Effects of an Imbalance of Vitamin E

The effects of an imbalance of this nutrient result in vitamin E deficiency. If you have a weak digestive system or some liver damage it makes it difficult to absorb fats and vitamin E. Which then leads to Vitamin E deficiency. Vitamin E deficiency is very rare in healthy people. This imbalance is caused by fat not being properly digested or absorbed. This can also cause muscle and nerve damage, as a result you start to lose body control movement and even vision damage.

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Treatments for an Imbalance

The best way to cope with lack of Vitamin E in your diet is Vitamin E supplements. There are two main types of supplements multivitamin-mineral supplements that contain 30 IU of vitamin E and vitamin E-only supplements which have 100-1,000 IU per pill. Large amounts of Vitamin E are found in nuts,vegetables, and vegetable oils. Studies also show that taking vitamin E supplements can slow the development of acute macular degeneration and Alzheimer's disease.

Status of Vitamin E

As the required amount of intake for Vitamin E has increased over time so has the people's view of much of it is required in their diet. While many lack vitamin E in their diet, some that maintain a good diet do not show no signs of deficiency. While others who take too much can suffer from minor damage such as increase of bleeding.

Where You Can Find This Nutrient

The types of foods you can find this vitamin include several oils, nuts, seeds and vegetables. Including vegetable oil, sunflower, and safflower oil, corn and soybean oils, peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds, sunflower seeds such as spinach and broccoli. Some companies even add vitamin E to juices and spreads. For teenagers they need 11mg.

Best Plan of Action

I believe that if you lack vitamin E in your diet, vitamin E supplements can aid you to be able to retain the proper amount of intake per day. Making you stronger and more prone to other diseases. By doing so you are more immune to muscle and nerve damage. Studies show that the higher intake of vitamin E supplements the less chance of you developing heart disease, cancer, and eye disorders.

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