What Makes America Great

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I grew up on the frontiers of freedom. I lived in Kuwait and Estonia as a child; the former has been liberated by America and the latter is protected by America. Living a country fresh out of the prison house of nations (Russia), I never knew what America was. I had never even celebrated the Fourth of July, nor was I aware of its existence. My mother told me a story of how my brothers and I marveled at the sight of grass when we first landed in America after living abroad for so many years in such barren lands. Adjusting to the American way of life was trying, but soon I found myself whisked away by the historic culture of my country, and that's when I truly learned about our Constitution and the ideals it engendered.

Birthed from a period of disunity and strife, our Constitution gave testimony to the libertarian underpinning of our nation. The summation of all Constitutional ideas – tolerance for competing ideas, compromise, representation, consensus, checks and balances – has molded the political conscience of each American. We cannot claim to love the fundamental freedoms of America while separating ourselves from the political conscience of America, as they are bound as one. If we rejoice in the grandeur of American life, we rejoice in the quintessential American ideals it embraces through the basic rights enshrined in our Constitution. Synonymous with the heart of the American Creed are Thomas Jefferson’s words that, “all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness”. Upon this, America is bound together in a band of brotherhood on the grounds of a mutual commitment to a timeless moral principle.

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And from this moral principle, comes the preservation of America’s unity through a shared belief, to unite our efforts towards a higher level of good. Our Founding Fathers for twenty generations recognized our capacity for public virtue and our willingness to sustain the schoolhouses of democracy that bound us together as a nation, unmatched by the nations of the world. It is exemplified by you and me, the everyday American individual, by the volunteers who donate their time, by the after-school tutors, by the police officers, by the public librarians, by the soldiers who leave their children who count the steps they take when they walk away and the days until they come back home, soldiers like my father.

The authentic American ideals that emanate from our Constitution are embodied in each person who walk the streets, and I am proud to be amongst them. As citizens of America, we are inevitably tied to our recognition of a shared interest in the conception of good. The true aim of our government, liberty, has been succeeded by the Constitution by enabling us to employ our reason unshackled and cheka on governmental power, while dependent on our political conscience and public virtue.

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