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When And How To Wash Your Hands

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Table of contents

  1. When it is necessary to wash hands:
  2. How to wash hands Hand washing:
  3. Strategies to raise awareness regarding hand washing:

Cleanliness is the basic part of our religion. Every religion in the world gives the message of cleanliness. It could be cleanliness of our body or environment but most importantly it is cleanliness of our body. A person’s personality is judged by his physical look and attitude.

According to a medical research 80 percent of the infections are transmitted through hands, why? Because when we greet someone, we shake hands, hugs each other and to show affection even tap on face which are the cause of transfer of germs. People do not understand the importance of hand washing, and do not give a concern to it but it is not a good habit. Some infectious diseases that transfer through contact of dirty hands are described below:

  • Dysentery;
  • Cholera;
  • Typhoid fever;
  • Salmonellosis;
  • Influenza.

Norovirus is the cause of vial gastroenteritis in humans, people of all ages can be affected through it. This disease transfer from one person to other when people do not clean their hands or they don’t wash them thoroughly. This disease can transfer very rapidly among group of peoples living in a same area. To avoid transmission of this disease is to wash hands before preparing food and after toilet and should not touch mouth and nose frequently.

Airborne diseases are those infections transfer through droplet which are taken out during breathing, sneezing and coughing by the people who ae suffering from these diseases. Poor hand washing is also a big reason as during sneezing people keep their hands on mouth and do not wash them and when they come in contact with other people they transfer germs to them. Common cold, influenza, chicken pox are diseases which transfer through poor hand washing.

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Nosocomial infections are those infections which transfer from patients and staff of hospital to other people and this happens because people do not was their hands completely. In hospitals germs are present everywhere if staff do not wash hands they can easily transfer those diseases to general public. MRSA and E.coli are those bacteria which can transfer from one person to other.

Hepatitis A is disease whose symptoms are problems in liver, jaundice, severe pain in abdomen, fever and weakness. It is a viral infection which transfer by eating contaminated food prepared by people who do not wash their hands after toilet.

When it is necessary to wash hands:

  • Before and after taking a meal;
  • After touching pets, their wastes, and their foods;
  • After sneezing, coughing, blowing nose;
  • Baby diapers also contains many germs so after changing them there is a need to wash hands;
  • Before dealing a wound and after touching it;
  • After touching a garbage can.

How to wash hands Hand washing:

  • Place your hands under clean water;
  • Apply hand washer or soap and rub your hands for 20-25 minutes;
  • Rub your hands across all surfaces of hands;
  • Rub your hands properly; between fingers, back of hands, and wrists of both hands and beneath nails;
  • It is important to remove rings, watches or other accessories before washing hands because germs can adhere to them;
  • Now rinse soap in running water;
  • Now dry your hands with a clean towel and paper towel.

Best way to clean the hand is to wash them but if water is not available, it is effective to use hand sanitizer which should contain at least 60% alcohol which is a good antimicrobial agent.

Alcohol wipes: These are alcohol soaked wipes which are placed in plastic wrapper and are easy to carry, one can keep them in bags and can use them if water is not available.

Strategies to raise awareness regarding hand washing:

  • Kids should be given instruction to wash hand after and before taking meal and after playing in parks with mud and toys;
  • Seminars should be arranged in schools and colleges in which proper hand washing techniques are taught to the students and awareness should be given regarding diseases which transmit through dirty hands;
  • Hand washing steps should be paste near water sinks so that people can follow them;
  • In schools, teachers should tell students to wash their hands before eating;
  • In schools there should be a sink and soap in dining room so that students can wash hand before eating;
  • Mothers should wash their hands after changing diapers of the baby;
  • People should wash their hands before touching new born because new born babies are more susceptible to infections as their immunity is weak;
  • Hand sanitizer and alcohol based wipes should be kept everywhere so that where water is unavailable these things will help.

It is very important to develop the habit of hand washing from early age. Usually people do not wash their hands after contact with contaminations. According to a recent survey only 19% people wash their hands completely but most of the people don’t know how to wash hands.

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