Why Are Planets Important

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Humans are the only creatures on Earth that will cut down a tree, turn it into paper, then write “Save the trees” on it -Sustainable Human. The planet is more important than humans because we depend on the planet. The planet is the source of all living things. Without the planet, everything that is living on it, including us, would be wiped out of existence. We depend on the planet and its resources. The planet's needs are more important than the human's needs. Earth is the only sustainable planet in the goldilocks zone that can sustain living organisms and itself. The organisms that live on the planet help assist the plant ecosystems also, human study of them helps us gain knowledge. Also, the planet nourishes us, provides food, and the resources we need. According to scientists, without the planet, everything on the planet would be wiped out, or if we lost one of its resources it provides us we could be impacted very negatively.

Earth is the only sustainable planet in the goldilocks zone that can sustain living organisms and itself. According to Nasa “For many years they looked around the solar system. The other planets were either too hot or too. Only Earth was just right for life, they thought. Our planet has liquid water, a breathable atmosphere, a suitable amount of sunshine.” All organisms on earth would not be able to survive without the earth’s resources and what it provides us. If our and the other organisms living on it were to be harmed or no longer exist it could severely affect us and the planet. According to Refrence.com, scientists have been unable to detect life on other planets and believe that human beings are the only intelligent life in the universe. In the solar system, Earth is the only planet that supports any type of life. Most living things on the planet require oxygen to survive and earth is the only place scientists know of with enough oxygen in its atmosphere to support life. The earth is the only planet in the goldilocks zone that is not too hot or too cold also, it is the only planet we know of that can support life and our needs.

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The organisms that are a part of the planet help assist the plant ecosystems also, human study of them helps us gain knowledge. In the text Rethinking the Wild on page 356 paragraph 3. The North American whooping crane, one of the few living relics of the Pleistocene era—suffered a huge drop in population in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The whooping cranes were important to the planet and us because they helped us gain knowledge. They were also a part of the past that could help us reveal what occurred in the Pleistocene era and what it was like. For example from Of Wolves and Men by Barry Lopez, par. 10. It said” Researchers may see something like 75 different wolves over a period of 25 or 30 hours. Observed behavior amounts to about three one-thousandths of 1 percent of wolf behavior. The deductions made from such observations represent good guesses and indicate how incomplete is our sense of worlds outside our own. The wolves that live on our planet helped the researchers earn more knowledge about them and their behaviors. The animals like these that exist on the planet can help us experience, imagine, and gain information about our planet and what it was like.

Finally, the planet nourishes us, provides food, and the resources we need. Alan Gore announced in Noble Speech pg. 375, par. 15 that “Major cities in North and South America, Asia and Australia are nearly out of water due to massive droughts and melting glaciers. Desperate farmers are losing their livelihood including people in the frozen Arctic and on low-lying Pacific islands are planning evacuations of places they have long called home. Unknown wildfires have forced a half million people from their homes in one country and caused a national emergency that almost brought down the government in another. Without the resources that we use from the planet, it has caused destruction, global problems, and pandemics. Since the planet has been facing many problems from us it has caused problems for the people because of the change in climate, resources, and situations. According to Mongabay News, everything humans have needed to survive, and thrive, was provided by the natural world around us: food, water, medicine, materials for shelter, and even natural cycles such as climate and nutrients. Insects, birds, and even some mammals pollinate the world’s plants, including much of human agriculture. Biodiversity produces food, fibers, wood products; it cleans water, controls agricultural pests, pollinates and dispersers the world plants; and provides recreation, such as birdwatching, gardening, diving, and ecotourism. Without meeting the planet's needs, we would not be able to properly have agriculture, get our resources and materials we need, get clean water, shelter, and food.

Other people might argue and say our needs are more important, but our needs come from the planet. If the planet was not taken care of or was never to exist then we would also be badly affected or cease to exist. Our needs come from the planet, our energy, food, air, shelter, and much more has come from this planet. According to multiple scientists if we lost one of the planet's resources we would suffer greatly. Overall, the planet's needs are more important than the people’s. Earth is the only sustainable planet in the goldilocks zone that can sustain life and is not too hot or cold. The organisms living on the planet assist plant ecosystems including help humans gain more knowledge. The planet nourishes and provides us with resources that fit our needs. Finally, according to scientists without the planet, we would cease to exist and all things living on earth would perish. Earth is the only sustainable planet that can sustain life. Organisms on the planet help humans gain knowledge and assist plant ecosystems. Finally, the planet nourishes and provides us with resources to fit our needs and help us stay alive. The essay I have presented to you was written to argue why the planet’s needs are more important than humans. The planet’s needs are more important than ours because our needs come from the planet. Why and how has the planet assist, and continue to provide us with the resources we need for our daily lives?

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