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Introduction Elite level athletes have tremendous amounts of stress and pressure to endure, for the sake of performing at peak levels time after time. Sleep loss, might be caused by a busy schedule, travelling, etc. leads to increased anxiety and fatigue which in turn decreases performance (Souissi et al., 2013). According to Fullagar et al., (2015) sleep plays a crucial...
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To better human athletic performance, it is important to first understand how the energy systems throughout the body work and how they assist in human performance. Adenosine Triphosphate or ATP is the main source of assistance for muscle contraction, therefor this is a huge factor of performance. The body re-synthesises ATP through 3 main energy systems, these being the phosphagen...
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Introduction In sports science, it is widely acknowledged that warming up before vigorous activity is important(Caliskan et al., 2019). As it helps to increase the body temperature and facilitates increased blood flow to the working muscles to supply oxygen and nutrients. The overall goal of any pre-activity routine is to prevent muscle injuries and to prepare athletes for practice or...
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