A Raisin in the Sun' Literary Analysis Essay

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A Raisin in the Sun, by Lorraine Hansberry, introduces several of her characters, where money is a promise of escape, a gift to be stored up and fought for whenever possible. But as the story progresses, the Younger family must constantly consider their wish for significant wealth against their wish for freedom. Beneatha, Walter, and the others eventually choose conceptual values over easy choices that hold out the potential of more money. Each person’s dream serves a significant emotional purpose for the character; though, the dreams also split the characters up, creating conflict between them.

Walter Lee Younger is used to signify the bold but, unaware African American family. Walter's main role in “A Raisin in the Sun” is to represent the African American families that take many chances, which ultimately lead to total failure. Walter is shadowed by selfishness and ignorance which causes him to fail to accomplish the success he wishes to earn. Walter Lee Youngers' greed is illustrated when he talks about, 'Check coming today.' (26). Walter's deficiency of knowledge and his hard-headedness allow him to portray American success, which he hopes to achieve in a brief time. Walter Lee Younger is a man who is unsatisfied with his current situation in life, and every dissatisfaction he has faced so far. Though he attempts to be a loving man, occasionally he does not know how to show the idea of love, “Sometimes... sometimes... I don't even know how to try'(89). His stance in life can be considered symbolic of every black male battling to offer for his loved ones by any means necessary. Although Walter has a job, it seems unsatisfactory for his survival. As a result, he has become discouraged and lacks good judgment. Throughout the story, Walter searches for something that will make his life pleasurable.

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Walter was a hardworking man who had a vision. He planned to go into business with a few of his friends operating a liquor store. “Gone, what you mean Willy is gone? Gone where? You mean he went by himself. You mean he went off to Springfield by himself – to take care of getting the license…” (180). Walter desperately holds onto the chance of his dreams coming true, rejecting the fact that he has been conned. He knows that he has not only ruined his vision by trusting Willy Harris but he's also put discouragement on Beneatha's plans of going to medical school.

The male characters in the story are described as reckless, Walter, lacking in control or truthfulness, George and Joseph, or aggressive, Mr. Lindner. While the female characters are responsible, Mama, ruthless and orderly, Ruth.

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