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This paper carefully examines the lasting impact of soccer and why it was so celebrated among people in all types of societal norms. As soccer couldn't be played by many races it has changed many people’s outlook on the sport since now, regardless of race and gender, they all play together. Soccer also represented many countries' wealth by the players they produced and the trophies they financed, along with their reputation. Furthermore, soccer not only paved many extraordinary career paths for players but also survived many setbacks including WW2 by regaining the traction needed (1940s - present) from the support of the fans.

Trophies such as the Champions League, Ballon D’or, and the World Cup were considered high status and were ruled over by many of the same players for years straight, including Messi and Ronaldo. A quote by says, “The World Cup, Champions League, and the Ballon d’Or not only offer high status but money as well. An example can be the Champions League Cup, 73.5cm tall and weighs 7.5kg, a rule introduced in 1968/69 stipulates that the cup becomes the property of any club that wins the competition five times or three years in a row.” Adding on, the designated club then starts its trophy cycle to zero. Winning it will get the club 83.4 million euros which they can use to buy, trade, and train players with. The Ballon D’or doesn’t apply to clubs/teams but people. Extraordinary players who score an exceptional amount of goals get a chance to win this trophy. It’s so prestigious that for the past 11 years, Messi and Ronaldo have won back-to-back having the best rivalry ever recorded in soccer history until a man named Luka Modric broke the streak by winning for exceptional performance for his national team Croatia.

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The aftermath of WW2 temporarily paused/crippled the game, however from the support of the fans and allied countries, it regained traction and made history once again. The game was mainstream among Jews in Europe for a long time after World War II. Truth be told, it was a significant recreational outlet in Displaced individual camps, among Jewish outcasts in Shanghai, and even at an Italian removal camp where the camps' inhabitants shaped 'elite player' groups that have 'a few times connected with, and normally beaten, nearby town soccer groups.' After the dangerous war, nobody appealed to have the primary after-war competition in 1950 because of numerous budgetary and land issues, and the World Cup showed up in danger of being dropped through and through. Anyway in July 1946, Brazil ventured forward and elected to have the function, and spared the early worldwide custom. Which, as a result, the stadium that held two hundred thousand spectators, was used as the 2016 Summer Olympics stadium. Once again the love of soccer ignited a fiery passion within Brazil to love soccer again, and that’s how Brazil saved the World Cup after WWII.

Players getting paid back in the 1990s and the players getting paid now have monumental changes, one being sponsorships and investments on and off the field. Soccer players back in the 1900s did not get paid more than one million dollars, now players don't get paid less than one million dollars. Let's take Messi for example, he earned forty-five million dollars in wages and an extra one hundred and twenty million dollars in offshore investments, brand deals, and sponsorships during the year. A soccer group named, 'Blackburn Rovers' demonstrated that they spent a sum of £615 on the installment of wages during the 1885-86 season. It was discovered that the most famous players, for example, James Forrest and Joseph Lofthouse were being paid 1 pound/week. Records show that a club named, 'West Bromwich Albion' paid its expert players ten shillings per week, with no rewards or bonuses.

The new players you see on TV breaking all the records and persevering in soccer and life are influenced by their idols. An example is Mbappe and Ronaldo. Ronaldo is a world-class player and when Mbappe was a kid he idled Ronaldo, copying his every technique, and having Ronaldo posters on his wall. Now Mbappe has a Nike brand deal alongside Ronaldo. Also how the idols influenced the players to become more persevering in life and soccer by doing what's best for yourself and working with no limits. Who knows, maybe you will have a soccer or basketball poster in your room dreaming of being big.

Racism in soccer has been documented from the 1900s until the present revealing the sick side of many fans. However, on the other hand, it has proved soccer (FIFA) beneficial in many cases that African-American minorities play soccer; because they have scored tons of goals and awards leaving multiple legacies behind. An influential player who has changed the outlook of many is named Abedi Pele. He is the finest player ever produced coming from Africa making Ghana a proud country every time he scores. Abedi has also won three African players of the year in a row! Also, Abedi Pele was one of the primary African players to affect club football in Europe, impacting numerous others like him to begin playing masters in Europe. This concludes my point, that soccer has broken many societal norms and should be celebrated by everyone regardless of race, to make soccer more enjoyable and less political.

VAR stands for video assistant referee and is used, explicitly, to limit human mistakes causing considerable impact on coordinate outcomes. The disastrous arrival of the VAR changed the way we see/play soccer forever. VAR causes soccer to be slowed down as if we are playing American football. Soccer is a sport that needs to be dirty, political, and not fair because that's what the fans want to see and that's why many people love soccer. An article named “Premier League Owns up to Refereeing Mistakes Not Corrected By VAR” from states,” It turns out at least four of them should have been corrected after being reviewed on video. Some managers would add other disputed calls to that list, but the candor by referees' head Mike Riley is a starting point for a league that has hardly ever acknowledged mistakes by its officials.” This quote explains how there is a factor that the VAR somehow can’t form; the human factor. Throughout the game, the VAR cannot seem to understand that there is a speed and flow connected to the game and so the VAR cannot make the right decisions, but the referee can since he knows the delicacy of every second and is trained under pressure. In all, the VAR has changed the trajectory of many games- for good and bad -including the rules of soccer. It has over complicated things with codes and numbers even though soccer is a human sport that is run through by emotions, and needs emotions to thrive on. If the FIFA federation doesn't make changes fast then we're all doomed.

Everyone who has ever seen soccer probably has a favorite team. Whilst having your favorite team, some of you have at least one club that you abhor. Possibly 'cause their headliner is a jumper or because they once made you extremely upset in a season-characterizing game they lost. Even though most likely this is because you need to (family and companions); being an enthusiast of one club egos abhorring the other. The more grounded your opponent is, the more grounded the feeling of profound quality that sheds from conflicting with them. Maybe this is the reason clubs, for example, Bayern Munich have offered monetary help to a portion of their fiercest foes. In 2004, Borussia Dortmund was near the very edge of liquidation thus Bayern offered them a sans interest €2 million advance with a liberal plan for reimbursement. Excessively liberal if you ask me. It was an offer of genuine sportsmanship (detailed by Sky News), it was in Bayern's acceptable confidence bargain for Dortmund to stay serious and a partner simultaneously. It was imperative to have a solid adversary, it props the fans up. Bayern's money-related help to Dortmund can only with significant effort be isolated from their longing to be superior to them (no personality). Those opponents remove us from our usual range of familiarity and bring us into a spot where we need to confront ourselves and see ourselves for who we are together. In any case, basic to all contentions, if nearby, is that they spring us up because they undermine the custom we enlighten ourselves concerning ourselves and the soccer clubs that speak to us.

To sum up, soccer is not only a sport but a lifestyle. As you’ve read, soccer has been celebrated all over the world and has been revived after the biggest war in the world. It has been through many changes but the love's still there due to countries financing the trophies and players getting motivated by others in the past. Whilst trying to make a statement, South Africa hosted their World Cup in 2010 which would’ve easily brought up racism issues but it didn't and they fought it as a society instead of postponing the cup. This brings up the point of how far soccer has come due to how it was only whites playing and enjoying the sport. Battling prejudice inside soccer won't be a short or simple cycle, notwithstanding, there is certainly trust in the game. In past worldwide games, similar to the World Cup back in Germany, and the Rugby World Cup in South Africa it’s apparent that the game has been effective in advancing explicit thoughts. In this way, soccer can be used as a vehicle to eliminate racism and enjoy it together as a whole. Now, after understanding the specifics of soccer and why it's loved by many, it begs the question of what aspects of the aftermath of WW2 helped soccer gain the traction it needed, in Europe, to thrive?

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