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Soccer, The Hunger Games, And Ancient Rome All In One

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Soccer, a sport played all around the world with over 265 million players as well as an estimated 4 billion fans or around half of the world’s population. Modern soccer is related to the novel The Hunger Games and the ancient worlds of Greece and Rome, although not a common analogy.

First and foremost, soccer is a game that is very well known. The Hunger Games, as well as the gladiators of ancient Greece and Rome, were also very popular. With being famous and popular, numerous fans or spectators pour out for the events. In soccer, fans cheer for each team like in The Hunger Games, where each district cheers for its tributes, and then in Roman and Greek culture were each gladiator had fans cheering for them as they faced other men or even other animals and obstacles as well.

Next, consider the competition aspect. All three of these contact sporting events are highly competitive and involve skill, physical fitness, and mental ability. In soccer, there are two teams that face each other and try to score more goals than their opponents. You can relate this to The Hunger Games because many people formed alliances and made teams that would go up and face each other in groups together. This did happen with gladiators in Rome too, but only sometimes. This happened rarely when more than one person was in the arena fighting against ferocious animals. The people would sometimes team up and help each other because they knew it would be easier to survive. The only problem this presented was just like The Hunger Games wherein almost every case, only one person could win, which would mean that this strategy was not always effective.

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The third idea, relating these events is the concept of sponsors. Such sponsors are used in soccer to bring revenue to the team as well as raise the team’s profile. In The Hunger Games, sponsors were used as well to help contestants by getting things sent to help them survive. Also, this was used in Rome where citizens and emperors would sponsor the events to fund them and to make sure they would take place, mainly for the spectator’s enjoyment and to gain support from the people. In soccer, sponsors enable players to earn more money and be more globally recognized, further promoting them.

Finally, the idea of blood, sweat, and tears is revealed. In the game of soccer, players have an overall goal to win, so they play their hearts out. Sometimes games are tied, but in most cases, players play until there is a win. In the Hunger Games, the two main characters Peeta and Katniss fought on and on and came close to death, but they eventually won. In Rome, Gladiators fought on and on to the death until one was deemed the winner. This brutal fight was encouraged, bet upon, and considered part of the country’s heritage and tradition, much like the novel’s game.

Overall, these events have a great deal in common that one would originally have never thought about. When one draws these ideas together, he or she can see the common areas in which they are related. All three competitive games involve sponsorship, strategy, and physical and mental vigor as well.

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