How Soccer Has Helped Me To Grow

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Throughout my middle school and highschool I’ve never been one of the kids you would see as “popular”, the hardest part about it is that I don't see myself as an introvert, the main problem ive had with making friends is that I don't fit into a certain group of people, and when I do finally find a group im talked to and “accepted” but never invited to anything, Ive heard its a normal problem with teens my age, but it's still a really rough patch to go throw, I often come home angry, rude, and sad for no reason since throughout the day I see kids hanging out in the lunch rooms with giant groups and feeling like I don't fit in.

However, ive found a way to make a few new friends and that is by soccer. Soccer has helped me since in sports, no one cares about your wealth, popularity status or anything else but two things, your ability to work in a team environment, and skill. The sport has been a great way for me to release my frustration and chaos of my daily life, and the great thing is the only effect of releasing all of my built up stress is what makes me play better.

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Every pre game warmup I would take every little thing that bothered me throughout the day and turning it into energy that would motivate me to play even stronger that game. The rougher the day the better I would play. I remember one game in specific against our rival Tigard, where I was having a really sucky day, my stepdad and I were arguing earlier in the morning, and I was getting teased most of the day at school. I didn't let any of that affect me though, I went out on that field as a left back, and I was a “wall”, I didn't let a player go through me and if they tried, I would stop them. I played so hard that game that by the end I was so mentally and physically drained but at the same time felt amazing. That bad day turned out to make me have one of the best games I've played in to this day.

Another reason why I love soccer is its helped me connect with some people that share interests with me at school. Not only are they really cool to hang out with, but there are genuinely nice people who before we ment were “floaters” just like me. Playing soccer has also helped me bond with my parents. My stepdad always shows up to my games if he doesn't have a shift the day, and my mom is happy to see me socializing with other kids and being off my electronics. Soccer has also helped me find my limits, but at the same time to push myself to do better in not only sports but in school.

Throughout my life I've struggled with the effect of being an athlete with only one lung. When I first got it removed the doctors didn't think i would make it and if I did, I probably wouldn't be able to be athletic, but ive never let that hold me down and I use that knowledge to push me further, since I know I got lucky, and ended up as much worse and at the least never be able to play a sport. My coaches throughout my life have mentored me and helped me build a small family and showed me how to balance my academic work with my passion. For this I am grateful, and know how I am lucky that I have something in my life that not only has helped me build relationships and family, but also helping me realize what it really means to drive for a goal and passion you really love.

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