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Economic System Of Soccer In Guayaquil

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Implement soccer industries in Guayaquil

Soccer as always has a lot of earnings to the country, but know the economy of Ecuador has a decline. Direct Tv, Tv cable, Fox sports and Teleamazonas are interested in Ecuador televisión rights. Direct tv and Tv cable have offered four hundred thirty-two million dolars, Fox sports and Teleamazones have offered three hundred two dollars to broadcast the ecuadorian championship. This kind of offers are popular around the world.

Guayaquil takes many examples of european countries, in germany people relfex about two important points. First to explain that a team and a league is like a company and make up a bussiness system, that is why their success depends on the model of bussiness they use. Second people watch that soccer turned into and international economic system that is conected with every country around the world.

The european system is an inspiration to other countries. This system was created by Joseph A. Schumpeter minister of finance in Austria and teacher of hardvare said that soccer is distinguished because it is innovative, look for constant changes and try to break structures that can´t let a Company position above their competition.

In Europe the system begins with the training of soccer players in a young age in soccer schools with a multi-disciplinary character, institutionally leagues and soccer teams have a high level of organization, proffessionalism and planeation that let the develop of this tournaments.

Mexico follows a different scheme of business, Mexico has the central objective to make short-term profits, this justify the existance of short tournaments, a short league, constantly soccer players are sold to european countries and a high rotation of template of soccer players and technical body.

Ecuador took this two models to made their soccer system. In Ecuador there are many soccer academys that help soccer players with talent and a Young age are trained in soccer schools to have the tools that would help them to have an opportunitie to become proffessional.

In Guayaquil are the best soccer teams in the country includings Barcelona, Emelec and Guayaquil City, in this time when children turned to teenagers, they have the opportunitie to prove their abilities in one of the teams in Guayaquil, this help them to start their carreer as proffessional soccer players demostrating their talent to the coaches that watch them in soccer matches.

In Guayaquil the system is a combination of these two models. Guayaquil take the european system to teach Young players the tools to become soccer players as they have an organized system of tournaments and the league called “Liga Pro”, but they combined with the mexican system in the way to create a short tournament called “copa Ecuador” and the constantly sold of soccer players to mexico, Brasil, Colombia or argentina, a high rotation of the technical body, this two methods help to increase the earnings to the city, but there is a problema of corruption in Guayaquil and in all the country too.

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Soccer without Corruption

Corruption has existed in the last years, but know has increased because more people are interested only in the economic earnings. From their president of the soccer federation of Ecuador to the brave bars of the teams of Barcelona and Emelec stain the name of soccer in Ecuador. Corruption appears from human trafficking in a high level of young soccer players to the brave bars that believe they are the owners of the stadium, even certain leaders that practice corruption are in jail paying cutodial sentences. (Appendix 1, Picture 2)

Another type of corruption is the dialogue between the coaches of diferent soccer teams about the payment of soccer matches before the result is given. A coach of Macará told to the press that he spoke with the coach of El Nacional and stablished an agreement to give them a win or a draw, the payment depends on the final result, the coach of El Nacional talked wit the goalkeeper and the lateral to let the other team make the goal, so they would receive a percentage of the money that the team would give to the coach.

On the other side the president of the federation os soccer in Ecuador Carlos Villacís said that the federation needs to put a stop to the corruption of soccer in Ecuador, he said that the federation needs an extremely change. First to punish people that do this type of corrupt actions, it doesn´t matter if there are coaches, players or managers. If they are soccer players they have to be punished with an economical consequence, if they are coaches or technical directors they have to be punishes with an economical debt and the remove of the license of managing the team, if they are managers that control and support the economy of the team they have to be punished with an economical debt and have to be fired, their license for managing the economy of the club would be removed and they can be in jail dependind on the severity of the case.

A cooperation agreement between the Ecuadorian soccer Federation, the Anticorruption Secretary of the Presidency and the Financial and Economic Analysis Unit was signed on Thursday, May 13, 2019. The agreement will allow working together to fight corruption around soccer in Guayaquil. One of the main benefits will be the creation of an Ethical Integrity Unit.

In Guayaquil the signature was made between he vicepresident of the federation of Ecuadorian soccer, Jaime Estrada, the boss of UAFE, Leopoldo Quirós and the secretary of anticorruption, Iván Granda. The initiative that proposes the UAFE and the secretary of anticorruption is to give a technical support to the federation and conforms a team between the three institutions. Their labour is to investigate complaints of alleged cases of corruption and prevent commitment of ilegal acts.

Jaime Estrada manifested that this alliances are part of Jobs with “transparency, balance of order and justice” that search with this new administration trying to give confidence for the people that thinks that the FEF still have corrupt people, with reports of information the UAEF will be investigating inusual movements of posible cases of money laundring.the Expresident of the Federation Luis Chiriboga Acosta is in jail of Latacunga seving a sentence of six years for commiting money laundering.

Increase earnings to soccer insdustries in Guayaquil

Leaders of the professional league of soccer in Ecuador are to analyze the increase the number of teams in the proffessional league in the next year. Miguel Angel Loor is analyzing the best and more convenient for soccer in Ecuador. He stablished that Ecuador is the second country with the longest schedule around the world, but with a lower quantity of teams in South America. Ecuador doesn´t receive the earnings that soccer in Ecuador deserves. The Federation would have the help of logistics, calendars, televisión rights and calendars that would give them an economic entry.

With the help of sponsors and ticket office because when a team plays in their stadium, tickets offices are useful to increase earnings to the club. With televisión rights, partners and marketings finance the team with at least twenty million dolars, with this increases clubs make signings of foreign soccer players that made soccer more attractive to the public, always club are interested in young players called “future stars”, coaches give them minutes to plat and demostrate their talent to the public. (Appendix 1, Picture 3)

A legal department with the Federation of soccer in Ecuador stablished the rules that are going to stay with the FEF: Control of doping, asignation of referees, resolution cameras and solve conflicts between soccer players or teams. With the increase from twelve to sixteen teams in the league A is a great idea to increase the earnings to the country, trying to copy a model from Chile, Mexico or Spain.

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