Leisure Education And Therapeutic Recreation

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Quality of life depends on individual’s subjective measures, objective measures and perception of life which is vary by person to person, as an example if “a person who seems to have everything may not be happy, whereas a person who is quite ill and without apparent resources or family ties may feel very positive about life” (Kunstler & Stavola Daly, 2010, p. 25). so, it is hard to understand the concept.

Three phase of program planning in group setting are according to below:

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  • Warm up
  • Experience
  • Wrap up

Warm up phase is also known as orientation phase, it includes the introduction session of group member in the presence TRS or he/she can start this phase. TRS start it by introduction, welcoming of group members, and explaining the purpose of group which helps to improve communication in between participants as well as TRS get important information about clients like their abilities, needs, likes and dislikes. Warm up phase is very useful for every one in group, it helps to establish good communication, comfort, trust and bond between members and TRS which help to perform an activity smoothly by that way TRS get good outcomes. Positively involvement of participants in the warm up stage is a precious motivational process and starts two-way communication (Kunstler & Stavola Daly, 2010, p. 314). Warm up stage involves several warm up activities that helps to promote socialization, group comfort, reduce group conflicts and members know each other better. Second stage include explaining the rules of group, it assists to run activity nicely and prevent any kind of conflicts or risks.

The experience phase covers about TRS, he/she has to use all his professional experience and judgements to achieve highest benefits and desired goals for the participants. This phase start with giving direction and instructions, it contains rules of an activity, steps, step by step process to perform it which is depends on types of activity and leadership style. Engaging in the experience: this step is very skillful, he/she must have to use his skills like tact and diplomacy whenever it required. He has to require supervision, good leadership and verbal interaction. Processing and feedback: recreation personnel have to observe the improvements & outcomes of participants for activity and give feedback on their performance.

Wrap up phase is a last stage for both at this period clients summarize what they gained, learned or experienced by an activity. TRS responsibilities include wind up everything, make evaluation, escort clients at appropriate places, documentation, preparation for next session as well communicate about client’s progression with management and families.

TRS has to format proper therapeutic recreation activity according to client’s needs in limited setting to meet desired goals.

TRS is totally focused on only one person to achieve outcomes. “interaction is ongoing and continuous, requiring maturity, competence, patience, and understanding boundary issues for the clients” (Kunstler & Stavola Daly, 2010, p. 332).

TRS work with client alone in personal space so he/she must be careful while working his/her work action should not become issues or misunderstand as having personal matter for the client.

Therapeutic recreation and volunteering both are different in form, for recreation services individual need specific educational background to plan different activities and program for an individual according to their needs to promote their quality of life, abilities and skills. Volunteers can participate in any recreational activities but their roles and responsibilities are limited. It could be possible if recreation volunteers who has specific backgrounds like recreation and leisure services college or university student. The professional recreation personnel can able to maintain client’s progression, improvements and developments in particular behaviours and skills. An individual from same filed or students of recreation education program could be a volunteer in therapeutic recreation because it is a part of their study and life.

It helps TRS to select and modify an appropriate activity to accomplish participants goals as well as get to know about what types of skills and abilities required for active participation in activity by the client.

Therapeutic recreation outcome model would be best fit with case study because it concerns on individual’s quality of life. It covers six types of functioning behaviour domains of clients which helps to improve their overall health. In case study TR notices that participants need to educate about their encouragements to engage in various activities. To involve the clients in program need more supervision and education to improve their involvement which help TRS to get outcomes. The model work to improve their leisure domain “develop awareness of the value of recreation in their lives” (Kunstler & Stavola Daly, 2010, p. 33) by meeting and educating them, it helps to increase their active participation, self determination and well-being.

The first core value of therapeutic recreation that is utilised for an adult with autism is autonomy, he/she has right to make own decisions and choice. Client choose to go YMCA three times a week and also want to go without any support of therapist. Client also utilized second core value is right to leisure, he/she has right or freedom to participate in leisure activity no one can stop or ignore or decline participation without client’s wishes.

Inclusion is very suitable principle for client with this case study because after some times YMCA members become restrictive or limited (exclusive), client has right to get full participation as well as support by TRS and other members. One of the TRS responsibility in working with this principle is to communicate with the organization “to overcome the physical, social and attitudinal barriers to recreation participation” (Kunstler & Stavola Daly, 2010, p. 27). Reduce the restrictions and barriers of client’s participation and growth by visiting the agencies and team members.

We performed class activity on music therapy, it was great experience for me because, I leaned and proved that music therapy can improve the muscle tone, skills, mental adaptation as well as memory recognition ability of the client by learning it. We kept only one music instrument in our activity for client for the next time I think we need to do more research about more instruments and how they improve the functions of participants because each instruments need different skills to play it so it will be beneficial for all age clients for our future activity.


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